Pig's Ear 2018

I know it’s a bit early, but I plan on being in London for the festival again this year. Will there be a night for the UK RateBeer crew? Also, do have any of you have any pull for allowing me to bring in beers to share with you at the festival? Or could we do a share outside somewhere nearby? Or should not even bother as there’s enough at the festival? Looking forward to this again. Had a blast at the 2016 fest…

Hey Steve …

There’s usually a Ratebeerian or two every day of the festival at some point or another.

Tuesday, day one, is the day the most folks tend to meet up though … usually within an hour or so of opening by way of an afternoon off work.

It’s not unknown to split a few bottles as they sell bottles there so it won’t look too strange.

All right, who’s going then? I’d love to meet up with any of you who are there on the 4th and 5th.

Thursday 6th December

I’ll probably get a season ticket, assuming they’re still doing them. How many days I actually go will depend on how quickly I get through the beers I want. I’m usually pretty much done with those by close of play on Thursday but they have a nasty habit of putting on a load of beers I’ve been waiting for late on Thursday - often just as i’m leaving! Can’t recall ever going on the last day.

Who’s going today (Tuesday)? Jan & Charlotte have had to cancel their trip so I’ll have a more relaxed schedule. I’ll almost certainly still go today but maybe not until a bit later on.

Hi Chris. … website didn’t log me out this time.

Hope to see you today and thanks in advance for the pork scratchings you buy me at 1920 hours!

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Didn’t make it this year. Again. Had to wait in at mum’s for a loss adjuster to come and work out what is wrong with the house before we can sell it. Plus point, I got to rate 3 German beers that were hanging around and the rest of the Norwegian beers brought over by Finn and Rune. So not a completely lost holiday day.

I missed the pork scratchings? damn!

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Shame Ian … such a good list this year.

I needed 198 out of 240 on the original list.

Unfortunately I could only do one day … normally I’m in for 2 !

Attention to detail Steve … they were dotted around the back wall at all the bars … you could purchase them with the cardboard voucher sheets!

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Thumbs up for everyone who’s mentioned pork scratchings - one of the most positive features about real ale festivals (and real ale pubs in general). I’m super happy that our new brewhouse in town will have divine port scratchings (I’ve had a sneak preview, before they open). A much under-rated foodstuff, alas.

Oh - can you guys please keep mentioning easily-accessible upcoming UK festivals - I have no plans yet for a trip over yet, so need seeds…

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My better half asked me to bring back 2 packs.

It’s almost a licence to go out to a Beer Festival if I bring her back porky goodness!

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I was planning to promote Craft Theory Festival in Reading. I guess you could call it a boutique festival. Run by the people behind the Crafty Goat beer shop and held at the South Street Arts Centre in April. Unfortunately I’ll be on holiday. European style with around 10 breweries (2 Dutch the first two years) running their own bars. Little Earth Project, BBNo, Siren and Double-Barreled confirmed so far.

Really enjoyed it last year and don’t believe any other Ratebeerians went.

Perhaps not one to travel over for but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

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http://crafttheoryfestival.co.uk/ 19th-20th April - so far that’s a free weekend, and Reading’s pretty well connected. I believe I was recommended High Wycombe just as a pleasant home-county pub-craw destination, that’s pretty close by, so I could kill two vegans with one stake…

Yeah … wycombe is solid these days.

There’s a few buses an hour from wycombe to reading … bit of a drag at 1hr 20/30 but only marginally slower than the train in and out of London and way cheaper.

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I was there on the Friday, there was still plenty left.

Realised I come back on the Friday so will go during the day on Saturday.