PLACE MAP Feedback / bug updates

New Place map Feedback/bugs
Just change PLACE-ID at the end for a specific place ID number.

I see work is getting done on the new Map.

Tweaks needed:

1.Add different colours on the place icons depending of the kind. (like the way it used to be and was perfect that way).

  1. Add different icon pic to make a difference between
    Brewpubs (english pint icon maybe?) and Bars
    Bottle Shops (bottle?), Grocery Stores and Homebrew shops (a barley straw?).
    No matter what, having different colors for all kinds is MORE IMPORTANT than having different icons

  2. Rename Beer Store to BOTTLE SHOP instead.

4a. When you click a place (directly from a place icon from the map), the place info pops up but you can’t click anywhere to reach the Place page URL and you can’t see what kind of place it is (unless you look on the left list). DONE
So a clickable place page URL and the place kind info is needed. DONE

4b. When you click a place (from the side panel list), the place info pops up but it disappear as soon as you move the mouse instead of staying highlighted. DONE

  1. In Filter Options, add:
    Rated Places
    Unrated Places
    Show Closed Places
    RateBeer Score: New (no rating yet)

  2. Add a Show/Hide control for the side panel list (especially for mobile) DONE

  3. The current 5 star scores shown in the pop up window don’t match the 5-star score on the place page…(ie seems like a 3.5 score on place page is displayed as a 2.5 score on the pop up page) DONE

  4. Possibly add those place’s kinds: Cidery, Meadery, ConvenientStore/Gaz Station.


Thanks for the feedback mate! Yes we’re still powering away at it :grinning:

We’re relying on parent categories here to reduce the amount of icons we need; so being a little more generic without the need to have a ‘map legend’. ie. Bars/Brewpubs both share the same icon because it’s primary purpose is to serve alcohol, Bottle shops/Grocery stores is a retailer etc.

In the future we will potentially start to explore adding ‘Amenities/Available here’ to the filters. So that way users will be able to find places that would otherwise fit in multiple categories. eg. a Brewery that also has a restaurant and sells beer all in the same location will show up when they search for places that ‘serve food’.

I know we just finished with the beer styles update so I think an opportunity to visit this one properly will pop up in the future.

So you could keep the one color for both Bars and Brewpubs and another one Grocery Stores and Bottle shop. One for Brewery / Cideries / Meaderies
But use a different icon. Or even better just use all different colors. You already created filters for all of them separately. This way we could see the difference on first sight on the map without relying on the side panel all the time.
We are talking about 3 new icons not 150 :wink:

Bottle Shops


Homebrew Shops

And if possible use the same icons on the map AND empty pic profile for the place.

I disagree with brewpubs being lumped together with the bars. A brewpub’s primary place is not just to serve alcohol, it’s to brew beer as well, making it a different category than a mere bar.

Also, since brewpubs are by nature scored lower than bars, because most have a lower selection, that would only serve for them to be less visible on the map, as they are already generally “hidden” by their own score in towns with numerous places, and they are usually more interesting to users than bars, with, however, a higher chance of users prioritizing visits to brewpubs than bars when traveling - to try local stuff etc.


What you just said makes perfect sense.
On my part, when I look around the map, I always try to spot the brewpubs and brewery/taproom before bars and restaurants. Same for goes for Stores: Bottle Shops before Grocery stores and Homebrew stores.

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@aww @services What are you waiting to make the map live? There sure is some tweaking to do to it (see above posts) but as far I as see, there’s no bug in it except with the 5-star score (see above). At least, we would have the maps back…

I am under a general impression that google has imposed some conditions on using google maps - and that the plan is to do an end run around google.

Let me know if that’s incorrect.

They are not using googlemaps anymore (except for Directions which pop in a new Googlemaps windows), they are using OpenStreetMaps.

Sort of expected

However, Phoenix now seems to be Canadian - in the lands of the Québécois even

This is a huge flaw and IMHO should be fixed before releasing.

Pheonix is the new “page design layout” system name… Place pages, beer pages, Maps and Add beer pages are using the new Pheonix design. When the page is “official” they remove the “pheonix” from the url…

Sure they NEED to add those links ASAP but at least, on a Place page, on the Map section, the map would be linked to that place and we could see the other places around even if we could not click on them…right now we don’t have any map options anymore (unless you use the old links manually)

Well for cities old maps do work* (of course with grey overlay) so that’s what I’ve been using. And frankly with working links they more useful than the new ones for travel planning.

*click on the map tab here


Just wanted to say I pretty much agree with everything suggested in the original post, and also agree with Marko (Brewpubs and Bars should be different, not grouped together).

Also before it goes live please put a proper error page up for non-existent place IDs.

The first link correctly gives an error as it’s not a valid ID.
The second link contains a valid ID but does not exist in the database either because it has since been deleted or it doesn’t exist yet, and I just get a blank map and empty sidebar.

Both would benefit from descriptive error messages, and placed in the centre of the page rather than up in the top left.

Your second link sends me to the well known Null Island where every (0,0) coordinate places all get stucked…

Just a reminder that these maps are in beta right now. They will be released when they’re ready. We’re hoping soon. This was a monster project. I’m hapyp to see that at long last, we’re very near release.


They look really neat. Even better than the old ones. Only a few bugs and tweaks left and links to place pages and you get a promising product.

Please DO NOT let this live without
a) proper colorcoding (same colors as before would work + new colors for stuff that didn’t have them before, say, different shades of red for brewpubs and breweries).
b) different icons for different types of places. Again. there is no logical reason for things as unrelated as bars and brewpubs to be together. It can only backfire.

Reasons for lumping things together sound highly stretched and look highly amateurish. Don’t do that. I’m quite sure that even your target audience can comprehend 8 different icons.


I promised to go ‘Premium’ again when you sorted the maps out @joet. I will start saving right away!

PS. I would also have gone ‘Premium’ when my t’shirt arrived (I am hopefully down for the second release of stuff @beergirltif).


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