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BUG & REQUEST LIST for the New Place Page
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@aww @services

Closed places still load using the old place format even if they could clearly work with the new format.



It just doesn’t show as closed from there…so it would need just small tweakings

@aww @services

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To put it here as well.

Bug with "Create Place from Brewery"
-The place entry is created fine (other than potential character removal issues). HOWEVER - map coordinates sometimes default to a blank state. That breaks the Place page - it can’t be opened until it’s manually edited to contain coordinates.

Got this error of late with new places in Quebec, but it default to a fixed geolocation in Quebec instead of (0,0)

It’s a different bug - similarly annoying, but not page-breaking really.

When you add a place manually, including the coordinates and you click on Geocode Override - the coordinates will actually overwrite correct coordinates and move the place to a “default geolocation” in that country / region.

Adding a place review doesn’t update number of places reviewed (see separate post)

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Review scores are broken, old reviews scores doesn’t fit with new ones,

Reintroduce ASAP:
Check Ins button (near the share button)
Kids allowed

Reviews sorting options
Admin move/delete editing tools for reviews.
Evident “Closed” mention for closed places.

@aww @services

Use multiple lines for address and for opening hours (1 day 1 line) for a better display.

@aww @services

Remove URL address, just keep a URL button for better display.

@aww @services

If you use the header search on the place page, the results aren’t clickable or scrollable because it’s the page that still do.

I thought this was already addressed, but apparently not:
My score for this place is 3.65/5 which translates into 72/100; whereas here:
it translates into 62.9?

In the place page, the top link to the place’s city sends can send you to the wrong city (empty listing) when special characters are included.
For example link to Switzerland Zürich sends you to a city page of Zuerich (which doesn’t exist).

@aww @services

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There’s no option to give a N/A score for food (which is totally different than giving a 0/10, the worst possible score)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your feedback on the new places page. We have recently fixed the following bugs:

  • Place score (/100) on user profile page and activity feed are now shown correctly (we haven’t updated the scores for reviews made while the bug was still there, but we’ll update these as well)
  • The place review count on your user profile will now update correctly (you may need to add/edit a review for the number of place reviews to update)
  • Added a date spotted for when the beer was last spotted at the place

@services The add beers by ID functionality is not working at the moment (either separated by commas or by line breaks). Thanks!

The type of Place should be aligned with type of Producer, with some differences:
we need to add:
I think they can be shown with the same red colour as “Brewery/Taproom” on the maps, just not to complicate things with too many colours, but it should be possible to filter by them on the maps

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Yes we definitely need to separate Breweries, Meaderies and Cidreries!. And we also need some to differ Grocery stores and Gas Stations/Convenient Stores too…

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At the very least grocery stores and bottle shops could be separated.

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