Place reviews, Northamptonshire

Really surprised to find I have never reviewed anywhere in the county. Will rectify that on Saturday, hopefully.

Anyone trying to pick at their place review totals/regions/countries? There was thread about people stating they would review more places and add them onto the database if they could. No idea when and where that thread is though.

Pity there isn’t a ‘Most Places Reviewed in 2018’ link like the beer rating one (top 50).


I was somewhat of a hypocrite - having encouraged people to do it, I then couldn’t be bothered after I went to Manchester. Not much to add when places have been reviewed multiple times. Will stick to new places or places that could do with some love.

I am however still adding places that I have no intention to visit when I spot micropubs, bottleshops, etc, so that people may spot them and visit them.

I like the idea of diving into new counties where it’s convenient. The “11 counties in one afternoon/evening” that Marduk heroically drove back in January was designed specifically to get county place ticks, and certainly wasn’t “convenient”, it was “scarily, but scientifically, contrived”.

It’s not been good for my stats, however, as they’re in my, erm, “backlog”.

I still need 7 counties for a review on RB.

2 I’ve never had a drink in at any point in my life (ie pre RB) … Rutland and Northumberland.

I’ll definately bag Cheshire in March, for a mates 50th birthday bash, the venue is actually on RB already !

Depending on my travel to and from Nantwich that day I could even take in Shropshire and or Merseyside on my way.

Other 2 are East Yorks and Durham.

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Northamptonshire was the last region I ticked, just this Monday, getting me to 35. The Towcester Mill Brewery Shop, which is not at the Brewery in central Towcester but at a garden centre on the outskirts (which of the two is much easier to get to with the A5 through Towcester being closed due to roadworks).

I have 11 counties left to place rate on RB though a few years back I visited every English county over a 12 month period, having a beer in a Good Beer Guide pub in each - but before I was place rating here. So rather than retrospectively enter them I’m doing it all again though this time it’s taking longer to complete. Next year maybe - mainly just got south and west to go.

Also hoping to break into the top 50 for place reviews (85 short) and top 10 for countries (5 short) next year.

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I’ve got 13 to go, mostly in the North East and the South. It’s getting harder and harder as I have very little reason to go to any of the remaining counties with the exception of Gtr Manchester. However Northants is no problem, I’m down there a lot and have been to a handful of gems.

I’ve added a few regions this year. Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham, Oxfordshire Isle of Wight and Herefordshire. Hope to add Bedfordshire by the year.

Randomly still not rated a place from East Yorkshire even though is neighbours Lincolnshire.

I just have the Isle of Wight to add to mine, I have been there in my Ratebeer lifetime but I wasn’t reviewing places then on here. There are a couple of counties where I only have 1 review, so some improvements to be made.

The London crew did a day trip to the IOW in late summer '14.

We even managed to rate a beer on the Hovercraft !

I’d never even been there before, let alone place rating, depsite one of my grand parents living in New Milton for the first 30 or so years of my life !

And of course a rating was taken down on board the 1938 tube train !!!

My IOW trip was before watching Grimsby lose to Portsmouth in a Tuesday night game last season (or the season before, I lose track where I’ve seen us get beaten, I only remember the wins because there are not so many!). Anyway it was a lovely day out and both Margie and I enjoyed it more than the football later. Rated some beers and two places if I remember correctly, brought some bottles back too.


My Isle of Wight rating was an online order from island brewery. Not sure sure they should count, but currently they do.