PLACE REVIEWS: Selection and Value

When reviewing a place, what exactly do you expect about those 2 criterias: SELECTION and VALUE
Maybe it was explained in the early days of RB somewhere n the old forums but I can’t find any infos on it.

Are we supposed to consider more the number of selection (both tap and bottles) and/or the Quality of selection??
For example, St. Sixtusabdij (Westvleteren monastery) offer normally 3(4?) beers but people gives them 1 to 10 scores …

VALUE (not counting in the final score)
Since it seems to be linked with food, is this criteria supposed to be cost-related? The term can mean Worth, Merit, Price, Usefulness…

Could it be possible to add descriptions for those different criterias like it already exist for beers?

@joet @services

Selection is a ratio of the quantity and quality of selection. The fact that some people just set it randomly shouldn’t change that.

Value is the cost/quality ratio.


I would think value would include beer and food. I think it takes away from a place score that value is not included in the overall score.

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I interpret selection as whether it’s a place I can find interesting things to rate. As for the value, many factors are involved from whether it’s worth finding the place to the actual cost of a pint, etc. If the food is exceptional, it can also factor in the value for me.