Places deleted or bug?

Not sure if a bug or if places have been deleted.

I recently had 777 place reviews, now I have 775.

I really hope places are marked as Closed if they close, and are not deleted.

Am I the only one seeing this, so it is my place reviews that are gone, or have others seen it so it might be a bug?

No you are not teh only one, I have seen this previously too and also with beers.

It could be related to some clean off. At least on the DACH forum we are discussing about cleaning non-craft beer related place. So if you rated (for example) a random supermarket or a non-beer related place in Berlin, it is very likely that that place has been deleted

Don’t think I have rated any non craft places really.

However if places are deleted which have valid place ratings, I’d hope that the admin deleting the place would at the very least send a BM to the rater with their actual rating, stating the place is deemed not to be suitable for ratebeer?


Discussing yeah but usually places even if they are just a random supermarkt got a review they are not deleted according to our “rules”.

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I think I found a reply to my post from Erzengel, but I cannot find it in the thread anymore. Only on my email


Thats what I meant aswell, if there is one review that looks genuine it needs to stay. Btw I will move to Berlin in January so I will be raging over all those shit entries you posted aswell :wink:

If you want to do a Eck-kneipe rating tour let me know. :sunglasses: I know a couple of them which are good despite their beer offerings

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Always up for this :wink:

Same happened with me , lost 3 place ratings in the last few days.
I cant understand why a place rating can be deleted , when no places can be deleted at this site ?
Or is this kind of logic, RB in a nut shell ?

Well, places can easily enough be deleted by admins, as can place ratings.
So how it can happen I can fully understand, not sure as to why I’d loose place ratings though.

I have asked Norwegian admins several times to delete places that is not serving/selling craft beer, and the answer is always the same: Places can`t be deleted, you have to rate them badly, so they ends last at my hometown places. @Cunningham . Happens every year, some eager tourists add a restaurant for the good food, no craft beer at those premises

Well they can be deleted, but ratebeer guidelines state they shouldn’t.

Duplicates for instance are deleted.

Initially we retained only “good” places and admins were deleting the mediocre ones; the logic was that we did’t have (and we don’t have) the critical mass of ratings to help the one-day visitor to make his decisions.

Then long time ago Joe asked not to delete Places anymore.
But this is said when you add a place:


  • yet one more grocery store in Brussel with 150 beers, therefore totally insignificant to us -> leave
  • yet one more Whole Foods -> leave
  • yet one more British pub with 3 real ales -> leave
  • sushi restaurant with Sapporo in bottles -> axe