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This is because in the map appears not only the bars, beer-shops, etc that are located in Málaga city but also in the small villages around the city. V.g. Fuengirola, Marbella, Benalmádena,… All this small villages are in the Spain Beer Guide as Fuengirola (Málaga), Marbella (Málaga),… and so on

Regarding the issue with the accents… some of those small villages are duplicated. This is because sometimes the city of Málaga has loaded with or without accent. I decided don’t fix all mistakes until the accents issue have been repaired but it’s seem to be be that we must wait…

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I fixed that now:

Actually, to put it more precisely, it’s like this. At the time of the accent fuckups and chages they made things got accidentally split up.

The site counts both the old entries and the newly edited ones, somehow, and the number reflects that - 24. However, the newly edited ones, and the ones shown are linked to a different city URL - after the changes, it switched to “m-alaga” where it was “malaga” before. So you had two listings - the visible one with the “m-alaga” url and the invisible one with the “malaga” url. Edited places immediately change to “m-alaga” and can be seen now.

They are here now, visible: https://www.ratebeer.com/places/city/m-alaga/0/183/
They were here: https://www.ratebeer.com/places/city/malaga/0/183/

The only true issue there, a frankly stupid one to boot is that the header and the title of the page are taken directly from the URL for some reason, so we have the “M Alaga Beer Guide” - which is frankly embarrassing!


Made all the other smaller town places with Málaga added to them visible too. Fixed some that needed retiring and their maps fixed.

To fix the Spanish database and the others that suffer from the same thing is going to be a huge undertaking that I don’t have the time for right now. Case by case basis, when I can.


Contacted @Beersiveknown1 about those issues back in October, but he was busy and I forgot aswell.

So here are changes to be made in Ireland:


Wrong located on the map:

Wrong located on the map:


Bullshit add/ advertisement:



This one is absolutely wrong located. The website is down and FB-page needs an update aswell:



It is not listed on their website:


And this is closed aswell:


I have been there and didnt see it. This tripadvisor review also states its closed for two years already:


Dingle Peninsula:

I entered a new place on the Dingle Peninsula and it got a wrong location. As they dont have a real address it is hard to enter correctly.


Thanks for cleaning up! :slight_smile:

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Done. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot Marko!

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The Kitchen, in Denver (https://www.ratebeer.com/p/the-kitchen-denver/29816/) has an interesting website URL. It appears to be some sort of German erotic dining experience or something. I’d suggest using: http://www.thekitchenbistros.com/location/the-kitchen-denver/. Also, their hours should probably be updated.

There are apparently other locations, too, but with a name like ‘The Kitchen’, it’s really hard to search for. If any of the other locations are using the old URL, they probably should be fixed, too.



Panama City
Panama, and

are the same city, and should be merged

Why are https://www.ratebeer.com/p/slijterij-t-witte-schuurtje-mitra-hoevelaken/76164/ and https://www.ratebeer.com/p/de-ridder-wijn-bier-en-lekkernijen/76462/ projected somewhere in the sea on the map, instead of The Netherlands, although their adresses seem to be correct?

Thank you so much, Marko!


Thanks Marko!


Place deleted? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I was planning to check this place out soon, but suddenly it seems to be deleted from the database? Can’t find it on the map nor with search. Just google history:

This place in Moscow has been closed for a while now (I made the mistake of trying to find it :neutral_face:):


Done. Also deleted the two newest reviews that just said “Closed!” :smile:


Here is @visionthing

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Great! Thanks, @teddybeer! Will check it out next week…



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A two for one issue, if possible. It’s address correction for a brewery, both as a brewery and place.

Schoolhouse Brewery in Nova Scotia is indicated in the town of Falmouth, but on their website in WHERE TO FIND, it is written [quote=Schoolhouse Brewery is now open to the public at 40 Water Street, Windsor for flights, growlers and bottles from 11- 8 Saturday and Sunday 3.20 - 8 Tuesday to Friday.

And if you could add the opening days/hours also.

Thank you!

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Should be all fixed up now; address, phone, and hours.


Updates/corrections to Roadhouse Brewery in Jackson Hole, WY:

  1. Roadhouse Brewery is located in the town of Jackson at the same location as the taproom on Gregory Lane.
  2. There is no longer a brewery at 2550 Moose-Wilson Rd.
  3. The Roadhouse Pub and Eatery at 2550 Moose-Wilson Rd CLOSED this past November.
  4. A new Pub and Eatery is scheduled to open in the town of Jackson this summer.
    See their website for their current and proposed locations: http://roadhousebrewery.com/