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Me too. They got stuff we don’t get out West.

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Closed, see below

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I have just spent 20 minutes trying to add a tasting room in Irvine, no chance, the system refuses to allow me to get it onto the data base.

Could a kind Admin or @services please add it?




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You overcame the dreaded login issues and succeeded.



…and succeeded… and suceeded…

Deleting the two duplicates. :smiley:


Please mark La Jonction Cafe as closed

[ZERO G outlet doesn’t seem like a beery place, but Big Mountain was nice :wink: ]

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This place is closed: https://www.ratebeer.com/p/craft-and-draft-shop/51189/

This place


Should be renamed to The Old Crown Inn. You can also update the working hours using the place below.


This place can be removed


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Please remove this place


I’ve added a new one (by mistake) with accurate map pin and working hours. Thanks.

Please remove these irrelevant places (someone advertising their cooking classes):




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Did Hippo Tooth Brewing ever brew beer?

You know we don’t talk about that site. :man_facepalming:

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They have brewed one beer? Their phone number does not work. Is this a real brewery?

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" Currently, the Brewery is still a dream, but this site is hopefully the beginning of achieving that dream. For now, David is straddling the world of homebrewer, entreprenuer, and brewery wannabe. Hippo Tooth can be served at any party/function, events, fairs, festivals, competitions, and more. It is not yet being sold or distributed. If you’d like to learn more about where you can try it, check out our Events page."

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So do I retire a place that you cannot go to yet? Apparently I couldn’t retire this place even if I wanted to, it keeps signing me out.

Can an admin clone this brewery to a new palce? Thanks! New Mexico, USA https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/goto/42410/

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Fixed and fancied up.

Also Odin’s Eye sure as fuck isn’t a sahti, but whatever, the site has bigger problems than starting that discussion all over again so I didn’t put it in Flavored-Other where it should be.

I have retired this place. You cannot go to it. Who knows if it will ever open. If a more senior admin thinks otherwise please let me know.

Deleted it, it was never opened so it’s not retired really.

It had never open and it’s not certain if it ever really will. Places that aren’t (yet) there should not be placed on Ratebeer unless there’s a clear opening date upcoming (which should by all means be stated in the Place description when the place is added). Otherwise, people might just end up wasting time and money to get to places that aren’t there, yet or otherwise, and that sucks.


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