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Sorry, scrap that last one, I do see it

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This place seems closed

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Close it then. Users can edit now.

We don’t have prefix The on UK Places otherwise 90% of them would start with the same word. I have change the place to Chetwynd Aston as closest.

Added a new place
Map shows Oslo, correct place 8R64+65 Øvre Årdal

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Biker Pub is in Poland but shows up the map as being in Eumemmerring, a suburb of Melbourne Australia. “Nearby” Movers Melbourne is a moving company, not a bar.

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Moved, deleted.

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I stopped in at what used to be Chaucer Cellars the other day. I don’t think it’s been there for about 5 years. It’s now Tom Pockett Cellars. It’s a similar place I guess (cafe/ winebar, some beer: @vanvenlo’s review of Chaucer Cellar’s is still about right). I stopped partly because they used to have hard to get in Melbourne Pecorino Toscano but partly because I was puzzled having seen @shockdesign check in to Chaucer Cellars in the last few days. I dunno, at least a name change?

The old place should be closed and a new one set up. You can close it yourself, editing places is no longer limited to Admins.

Apologies I was accidentally doing some testing to make sure the check-in facility was working (I’ll remove my check-in now).

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Haven’t got any Tuscan Pecorino by any chance? :grinning:

This place has ended up a few 100 miles too far North:


Alas no… but now I wish I did… could do with some good Pecorino…

I’ve fixed this one. Thanks.

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Don’t think this business should be on RB, they’re just an online retailer of random gifts and gadgets. Certainly don’t think they have any affiliation to Abashiri other than that blue beer of theirs being one of a couple of novelty beers they sell.

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Ikea UK HQ?



robot food


Any reason why this small bar in a small town in Eastern France is an associated place with Lindemans. Can’t find any information linking it with Lindemans, or any branding at all on their website.

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This bar should be in the province of Alberta, not Quebec. Thanks!

You can update it yourself now.

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