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Clicked the wrong button when I wanted to add a cider and created a place by mistake. This place can be deleted. Sorry guys! https://www.ratebeer.com/p/johann-cider/80020/




This place is only open from Th-Sa 13-18h.




You guys are on fire!


I’ll throw this one in here as this seems to be the right place:

Hop-In Bierwinkel
This shop has moved to: Zwaanshals 337A, 3035 KK Rotterdam


This should be all done now (map fixed as well).



Please put it on the map :slight_smile:


Sorry guys, instead of Adding a new beer, I cloned to place again. This can be deleted:


Not a place entry issue, but… almost

Could we get some consistency on Ukrainian brewery cities?


There’s a bit of a mess here due to the different ways of translitering the city names. We’ve got Kiev and Kyiv, Lviv and L’viv, Nikolaev and Mykolayiv.

I suggest that we go with the Ukrainian to English transliteration of the capital - Kyiv, get rid of the apostrophe in L’viv (because no normal person writes it like that), and use Mykolayiv, because it ain’t the USSR anymore.

Also perhaps Slavyansk could be changed to Sloviansk, the UA -> ENG transliteration.


Hey guys, someone local (Belgium) might want to verify this first but when doing some maintenance on my bottleshop thread I noticed this webshop Bier Genot https://www.ratebeer.com/p/bier-genot/44622/ no longer exists, their facebook page has been deleted too, twitter page is still up but they’ve not tweeted since 2015. So this leads me to believe they have closed for whatever reason. Their website used to redirect to this domain http://bierkopen.be which is also no longer active.


Ok, so some stable genius has gone on a spree of entering places twice:



  1. Also both the same place:



  1. And again :roll_eyes::




100% agree on using correct Ukrainian transliteration. Kiev is old news… kharkiv, lviv, kyiv, chernihiv is what you should be saying. With respect to correctly transilterating all Ukrainian beer, that is a whole new task. For example Heroyam Slava as opposed to Geroyam Slava…


Hm, but we’ve been using scientific transliteration of Ukrainian for a while now. That should be fixed, of course.


Anyway, started a major Places-fixing project, having recently freshened up (mostly) ex-Yu countries, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Moldova and Hungary at least partly, Slovakia and started on Czechia. We’ll see how it goes.


So, went through and fixed all Czech “minor town” places, something that needed to be done ages ago… it should be all fine and shiny and up to date as far as the places we have here go - I’m pretty sure we’re still missing some relevant ones in smaller towns.

Now… the big ones, Brno in particular, since I handled Prague numerous times.

If someone wishes to doublecheck that all towns are reachable now, feel free. :smiley:

Edit: DONE!!! Czech Republic fixed fully. Some places in Prague might be closed that aren’t set as such, some relevant places are more than likely missing, but all the locations are there, all places are reachable, pretty much most if not all info is up to date. Whew!


Nice work Marko.


Hungary finished. Budapest wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be, but still plenty of time wasted.

That’s it for now. Poland and Spain need to be tackled in particular, but I don’t have the time right now.


:star_struck: :poland:


Started on this, tackled Łódź. It’s as hard as you can imagine but hey. Everything is in one place now. The hardest thing is finding places without rates / retired ones… damn.