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PLACES: Issues Reporting - Please Post Here for modifications


This is because of the brackets in the city name I think?

It has bothered me for ages. The city listing for NZ places is otherwise (I think) perfect.

Thanks for reporting all these things. Managing NZ places is quite difficult given that all the NZ users are in big population centres but there’s loads of places in touristy areas that I just don’t visit or know much about.


Yeah, when the charactergeddon happened, everything with foreign characters, or basically any character apart from letters of the English alphabet became corrupted and unreachable. It was terrible in Slavic countries, I’ve wasted days of work fishing out those places and editing them to make them visible.


Yeah sure. I found a lot of stuff on Ratebeer very helpful when traveling around, so glad I could contribute a little to make it even better.


And thank you for that! Wish more people would do that. Places are my favorite part of the site perhaps, and yet so underused, misused and in need of maintenance…

Correcting place information

I’ve reported i think a million times this pub is closed.



Permanently closed


just to get it on this thread: Blue Island Beer Company is listed as a brewery, but really is a brewpub.


Everything’s fixed.

And I see someone edited the title and moved the topic.


I think the Invasive Species brewery in Lauderdale is still wrong on the map.


Not everything globally obviously. :smiley: Sec, gonna fix that now.


Could this place be placed (the address changed) under Kastrup, Denmark instead of Copenhagen, Denmark so it would be easier to find with other CPH Airport places. Thanks!



This place needs editing so it appears in Gent on the map / listings



Wrong location on the map.


Needs an address update: Hillel St 6, Jerusalem, Israel
And a name update: Biratenu




This place is closed:



A new one in the old location:


Done. New Brewery/Place Created. Only new beers need to be entered.


Are you aware many places end up being mapped here?


Just added Talisman Tap Room in SYR: https://www.ratebeer.com/p/talisman-tap-room-syracuse/81716/

If you click on map, it brings you to the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of western Africa…the Sargasso sea of lost places!

This has been a pet peave of mine…Im sure you guys are aware of this issue


Of course, we try to clear it out now and then but it’s a sisyphean task.


Yeah that part of the ocean really is the mecca of Beer.

This seems to happen when there’s a part of the address that is not recognized by the Ratebeer geocode script. This happened to me so many time when entering a new place that I always force geocode override now just to be sure.


I forgot to give information to you for another new brewery/place in Manchester: