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Please rename the cities of these places to St. Petersburg. It would help in cleaning up this mess (also, it would be great if we could change the Cyrillic at the bottom to English):




https://www.ratebeer.com/p/brasserie-« kriek »-saint-petersburg/81732/

Ideally there should be one entry for the city: St. Petersburg - where the majority of places are already


Separate point: as Ratebeer refuses to recognise Crimea as part of Russia, then we should probably move the Crimea places (Yalta, Sevastopol) to Ukraine.

This would make sense as breweries based in Crimea are listed as Ukrainian here.


This place should have its city changed to Nizhniy Novgorod to get rid of the duplicate city listing:



These places should have their city changed to Togliatti, again because we have two listings for this city:


Damn I miss the days when users could make these changes independently.


This place should have its city changed to simply Kronshtadt (there’s only one Kronshtadt in Russia, so no need to specify St. Petersburg in the name):



Huh… won’t touch this for now. Needs to be finally decided by the owner…

The rest is solved I reckon.



There seem to be two more city entries for St. Petersburg that could be merged into the main one, not sure why they are separate:




Fixed… huh, thankfully I know how to ferret out these places that are unreachable by ordinary means…


Not sure what’s wrong with Brussels Beer Project in Paris, but when searching in the app for the place while at physically it, it shows up as 5.400+ kilometres away.


The same happens with Atalante, which shows up 20.000+ kilometres away. Also, the bar is called L’Atalante, not Atalante.


Why is this place https://www.ratebeer.com/Place/state/city/placename/3619.htm
mentioned as “no brewer” and on their webpage (https://www.3brasseurs-pacific.com/en/) is:
It is the only micro-brewery of Polynesia, producing on the spot unpasteurized craft beers…


Please merge these two (the location of the first one is the right one):

These two are retired:

And the location of this one is off (compare google maps):

Thanks :blush:


I assume that the brewery entry was merged with the generic Les 3 Brasseurs entry - the recipes are apparently the same in every French L3B. I will make it point to that.



Permanently closed according to Google.


Should Crimea just be made its own country as it is contested/unrecognized? While part of Ukraine it was an autonomous province anyway akin to Puerto Rico or Hong Kong.


I actually like that idea, seems like a good compromise to me. Still, it’s up to the site ownership, as Marko said.

I raised this issue a couple of years ago on the old forums, and got an answer from one of the admins that the situation there is currently “unresolved and may change” - i.e. it’s not a long-term frozen situation a la Transdniestra/Nagorno Karabakh yet. Can’t find the actual post because of the lack of a search function.

So I guess in a few decades a change might be made. And by that time we might have Belgium split up into regions and other nice things, too! :joy:


Yeah, Crimea being, at least temporarily, set apart, would perhaps be a compromise of sorts, one I reckon at least equally disliked by both sides, which is I reckon less than the region being shown as belonging to “the other”.

I know of a new brewery in Sevastopol but won’t add it until this is sorted out.


I also think that the recipes are the same, I am going there next month and want to rate their 4 beers https://www.3brasseurs-pacific.com/fr/carte-fr.html#nosbieres


As a Ukrainian, I endorse my own suggestion!



Somehow this place ended up very wrong on the map. Thanks for fixing :blush: