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No problem, just please try to add stuff (if you run into other relevant places) as “Corralejo, Fuerteventura” to fit with the others. :smiley:


Brewdog Tower hill. Needs link to bd page updated as its no longer coming soon


Sorry, only saw that afterwards (that you aged those to the other entries)… And thanks :blush:


This place is a Chinese takeout, not a beer place: https://www.ratebeer.com/p/asian-american-ii/80809/

Should be deleted.



This place has 10 taps and 120 bottles


These places should be deleted. Nothing to do with beer:





The province is wrong for this entry. Should be Manitoba!



Town should be Castlegar.


This place is closed, passed by today and the site is empty.


Below is a Yemeni restaurant, not a craft destination:


3 Dogs are moving apparently. Would you care to keep an eye on them to see when they reopen?


Will do, I just noticed they’ve submitted documents to their town council to get approval.

Also this place is closed according to their website:



This place is no longer a brewpub:


The beers were retired but I believe the brewery itself was left open in case they started brewing again.

There’s a ton of updates on the UK forum if anyone fancies looking at them.



This place is closed for good.



No craft beer here. Just Heineken, Brand and Birra Moretti.


Sadly, according to the rules which I don’t like either (and set long before ABI, mind you), the only way a place gets removed is if it has no beer at all. So that bullshit entry stays. The best way to handle it is to give it the score it deserves as a beer place. Kermis got the gist of it. :slight_smile:



This is a Chinese restaurant with no beer at all, I don’t know how it was registered at all


Because, as always, a one time user logged in and added his place. :smiley:


This is a Singaporean education consultancy firm: https://www.ratebeer.com/p/cpd-singapore/82260/

It does not appear they deal in beer.


This place has been closed since spring 2018:




Permanently closed