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Somehow I rated that place despite me never having been there. Did I get hacked? And it seems like most of the other ratings are involuntary as well as they are all very similar.

Could someone please look into it and delete my rating?


There are over 1000 of these spam reviews. Russian bots!




This is why joet thinks RB is doing so well at the moment, thousands more active users in just one day!

Also I love how they all seem to be generated from eBay feedback notes.


I’ve always wondered why there are so many place reviews for Russian places yet so few active raters. This, however, is a whole new level.


As for “Share House” users that have not logged in for years suddenly have “rated” the place, including a friend of mine that certainly haven’t done so.

This is also reported on the admin side, but nothing admins can do about.


This needs to be looked at from developers to find out if several users are hacked, a virus is planted, a site vulnerability, or something else that would allow something so strange to happen.


BTW, deleted your review at least.




If real users like Zlotta and your friend have fallen victim to this I would say the site is absolutely compromised somewhere, it looks like more than simple bot-spam if real users are involved. This needs a thorough investigation and all users need to be informed as to what personal data of theirs has been leaked, if any. I’m guessing usernames, email addresses, password hashes and location data. But only joet can know for sure what’s going on here, and he needs to explain that ASAP.


@Zlotta is there anything suspicious on your Recently Used Devices List?


The strangest thing are the many “place ratings” that are made without the user showing to have logged in.

That doesn’t strike me as an obvious hacked account.


What do you mean, my Google account? Nothing suspicious there.


No. On Ratebeer. This thing:


Ah, I see. But no, nothing suspicious there as well.


Joris Pattyn’s @JorisPPattyn latest rating seems to have been bot-generated with a thesaurus as well : “loathsome/horrible/beastly”/… service"

RIP RB, ad inf


Every rating for this venue is fake. Me, I haven’t been in Moscow since 1999…


There’s at least one that isn’t fake. I know because I wrote it (after paying a visit, obviously).


OK, sorry. I only saw one page.