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The last page of ratings looks legit but there’s still quite a few I think are bots on there.

Every username in the format of two beer related terms followed by a 2 digit number I thought was a bot but a few of them actually look legit.

What is up with those usernames though, why are there so many in that pattern? Probably 50% of new users (listed on the users page) have usernames in this format. This spam seems like it’s on an absolutely enormous scale yet most have 0 ratings, beer or places. RB user numbers must be through the roof at the moment, and not in a good way, it’ll make the percentage of active users an even tinier figure than it is.


I think Ratebeer suggests a few names for you when you sign up, and they are in that format?


Well that’s what I thought and assumed this whole time, but I logged out just before I posted that to check if that’s what was going on and this is how the sign up form looks now… no username suggestions anywhere:

But I wonder if it’s people who sign up via Facebook? Maybe it creates your account immediately without giving the user a choice of username?


No, I know some of them personally, some - from Untappd. But the part with “beer terms name№” looks like bots.


Is this the only venue with this problem?


Reviews by these guys with beer term + number in their usernames are common for Moscow places.

For example:




And St. Petersburg
Some examples:


Are Russian Bots only targeting Russian places?? Weird. I can’t imagine Zagovor would be trying to so shamelessly inflate their ratings… inconsistently as well…


This one seems to be closed looking at Yelp and Untappd



A few Polish things to clean up :poland:

  • Three places with the city wrongly listed as ‘Warsaw’ instead of ‘Warszawa’
  • This place is a duplicate of this one in Kraków
  • The name of this place is ‘Bierhalle Kraków’ (Mały Rynek is just the address, which is not necessary here)
  • The name of this place is ‘Lewiatan’ (the full address in the name is not necessary)
  • A bunch of cities are listed twice on the country page, including Bolesławiec (one of which is spelled wrong with an ‘l’ instead of an ‘ł’), Bystrzyca Kłodzka, Kraków (with one of them misspelled with an ‘o’ instead of an ‘ó’), Wrocław



Seems like same place


Closed according to Yelp



Another closed one



Wrong address



These places are closed:



A polish follow-up :poland:

I’m noticing in the app that a bunch of new places that I’ve added are showing up as 250km away when they’re actually just a few blocks away. The ones I’m noticing are Alpo Delikatesy and Koneser Alkohole.


Yes, since the automatic system is broken for any country, places are usually misplaced. Fixed most if not all of Poland in August, now fixed these last 4 months’ worth of entries.


Closed according to google



Wrong map position



With respect to brewers/places, this location no longer is the brewery of these two brewers:


Now each of them is a contract brewer from what I understand.


This place must have been added by the owner:




Closed according to Yelp


Looking at their FB page this one seems dead as well