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Add a place is giving:

That Page Is Missing!

404: Page not found

Problem seems to be with the “what state” thing -


Edit: It seems the data went through, because the system popped up the place when I was trying to show where I had a beer. So perhaps the error is only after the place data is saved. I’ve seen a similar situation in the past when adding a rating.


Closed according to Google



Huh, that one didn’t last half a year…

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Beer map is blank for this one


This one is closed: https://www.ratebeer.com/p/rattle-’n’-hum/10987/

For reference: http://www.rattlenhumbarnyc.com/rattlenhumeast/

The other location remains open.


Community Beer Works Taproom moved their location:

New address and hours:
520 Seventh Street
Buffalo, NY 14201

Directions >


MON: 3pm-10pm
WED: 3pm-10pm
THURS: 3pm-10pm
FRI: 3pm-12am
SAT: 11am-12am
SUN: 11am-8pm

The photo is also outdated now. New photo of the front side:


The strange thing is the ratings seem to more or less random. I’m wondering what the purpose is. Are they testing what they can do?


Some of them was removed a high rating for Cafe Bakunin (to raise in a city guide), direct competitors got a low ratings, like https://www.ratebeer.com/user/591447/place-ratings/



Closed according to google



Hop Stop is now closed in Nashville.



The Family Wash is also permanently closed as well.



Kuchnia + Keller is also now unfortunately closed.


Railyard Ale House

yelp - no reviews sinc e2015
website (http://www.therailyardalehouse.com/) seems down or closed
Foursquare - no reviews since 2014 (even from users been there 100+ times)
FB (https://www.facebook.com/Railyard-Casino-318386881635462) not updated since 2914
Twitter (https://twitter.com/therailyard?lang=en) not updated since 2012

And as you mentioned, closed as of google as well.

Placed it as no longer in business


The Hop Stop

google - no remark on closed
yelp - reported closed
trip advisor - states closed

Reported to be closed and replaced by new business here:

Marking as out of business


The Family Wash

google - closed
yelp - closed

Seems final and exaplined a bit here, no idea how trustworthy that source is?

MArking as out of business


Kuchnia + Keller

Yep, states clearly on their homepage

Thanks, marked as out of business.


Please change this place’s city to Yekaterinburg (so that we can avoid duplicate cities):





Something’s wrong here.