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Thanks, deleted that place.


This place has shut down :slightly_frowning_face:



I, somewhat stupidly, cloned a brewery to a place when it would have been easier to add it myself because it requires a bunch of edits… being Lazy did not pay off for me here.

Please rename to “Hop Hooligans Online Shop” and set category to “online store” or whatever the option is, because I don’t think the brewery is open to the public so it’s a bit misleading otherwise.
Website address would be better as: https://www.hophooligans.ro/collections
All other info is fine as it is.



A reminder: can an admin address the below? Thank you!


This was sorted out when it was first brought up.

Since the other location will be reopened in the future, a new place entry was added.


Thank you, well done!


Place doubled by mistake while adding a new brewer. Needs to be removed: https://www.ratebeer.com/p/stendaler-privatbrauerei/83775/


A few Hong Kong places to fix :hong_kong:

Alvy’s: City should be Hong Kong Island, not Kennedy Town.
Beef & Liberty: City should be New Territories, not Lantau.
Big Sur: City should be Hong Kong Island, not Central.
Wai Shing Wine & Spirits: City should be New Territories, not Yuen Long.


Alvy’s was a duplicate, and Wai Shing is for various locations, so moved it there. :slight_smile:


The address of this place (apparently the biggest bottle shop in the country) should be in English:


Prospekt Mira 79, Moscow, Russia 129110


Copy from a bug report

Page Reference: https://www.ratebeer.com/Places/ShowPlace.asp?PlaceID=83812

This newly added place is shown as being in Copenhagen on the map even though it is in Aarhus, which is also the city I have added it under. Please fix.

Pedersens Bar

Jægergårdsgade 83
Aarhus, Denmark 8000

Best I can manage to get as per Goecode is:
56.148422, 10.203059

For someone that knows this place better, does this pop up OK now?


Its placed in the right place on the map now.



Marco, the taproom for Toppling Goliath on RB, 310 College Drive was closed February 9, 2018. The new tap room at 1600 Prosperity Rd, Decorah, IA, opened February 10, 2018. Since the new taproom is a completely new place, I would recommend showing the College Drive location as closed and transferring all place ratings from February 10, 2018 to the new location. Cheers!


This place was closed due to ‘property management’ issues. There was a sign saying that it was ‘repossessed by the city marshal’, sounds ominous. The following facebook page verifies it:


Not sure if this is the right place, but I can’t find out how to delete a place rating.

This is the one I would like to remove b.t.w.: https://www.ratebeer.com/p/goto/72589/


Lift Restaurant and Bar in Jackson, WY, is closed permanently.


Marco, I added Melvin San Diego Brewpub as a place, but later found that it already exists in the RB database. The entries need to be consolidated.

However, there are a bunch of other issues concerning Melvin places, which I articulated in a post to Brewery Issues, copied below.

“I was in Melvin’s Thai Me Up brewpub in Jackson, WY, sitting with the founder, who mentioned Melvin was brewing in San Diego. This was news to me, so this morning I investigated and found inconsistencies in how the Melvin empire is treated on RB. If you go to the company’s website (https://melvinbrewing.com/), the “mothership” is their 30 barrel commercial brewery in Alpine, WY. That is where all the beers that get canned are brewed. The Melvin site lists three associated brewpubs in Jackson, WY, Bellingham, WA, and San Diego, CA. None of this is clear on the RB site. Currently, all their commercially produced beers (e.g., 2x4) are listed under the Jackson location. None are listed under the Alpine location. Nor are there any associated places listed under the Alpine location. But there are three associated places under the Jackson brewery: Thai Me Up in Jackson, the Alpine taproom and the Bellingham brewpub, but not the San Diego brewpub. Furthermore, if you search “Melvin” RB under brewers, the Alpine, Jackson and San Diego locations appear but not Bellingham. To be consistent with how Melvin views itself, the Alpine brewery should be treated as the main locations with four associated places: the Alpine taproom, the Jackson brewpub, the San Diego brewpub, and the Bellingham brewpub. Since this is partially a “place” issue, I will post this to Marco as well.”


Thanks for double-checking, @Marko! :hong_kong:


This place should be down as being in located in Yurlovo. It’s not in Moscow (smithing like an hour’s drive from the city centre):




This brewpub no longer exists:


From what I can garner from the internet the location has been bought up by a chain of bars called Gambrinus that sell mainly European beers instead of brewing their own. So it would make more sense to mark it as closed rather than doing a rename.