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Seems to be closed for some time now

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Nomen est omen.

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Can we join these three cities, which is all the same place, in Mexico?



FYI anyone can edit places at the moment. In this case I just changed the names of the cities (addresses) to “Cholula, Puebla”

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It seems these two places need to be merged.

This location has a new website: https://www.pivovarskarestaurace.com/

Taken care of, thanks.

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A duplication of


This place doesn’t show up on the map for some reason

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Also this place: https://www.ratebeer.com/p/orchestrated-minds-brewing/88512/
and this place: https://www.ratebeer.com/p/gulf-stream-brewing-company/85851/

Maybe there is some problem with Fort Lauderdale places not getting added on maps?

the Place must have been CLONED from brewer…the place geolocation isn’t pasted correctly then and it doesn’t show up…known issue.

And this place: https://www.ratebeer.com/p/old-hollywood-beerhouse/50620/
Basically I would imagine the whole Lauderdale/Hollywood Miami area might need cleaning up. The latter is a bar, so wouldn’t have been cloned.

I can see it…can’t you?
the problem is, the pop up window doesn’t pop up anymore in the map when redirecting from the Place page…is this the problem?

Sorry, scrap that last one, I do see it

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This place seems closed

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Close it then. Users can edit now.

We don’t have prefix The on UK Places otherwise 90% of them would start with the same word. I have change the place to Chetwynd Aston as closest.

Added a new place
Map shows Oslo, correct place 8R64+65 Øvre Årdal

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Biker Pub is in Poland but shows up the map as being in Eumemmerring, a suburb of Melbourne Australia. “Nearby” Movers Melbourne is a moving company, not a bar.

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Moved, deleted.

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