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Thanks for the tips Marko, I have been on here long enough and should know such things by now but appreciate you pointing them out, cheers mate!

Should be in Japan.

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This place is showing up in Santiago de Compostela instead of A Coruña.

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Fixed all 3 places showing at that location. Will look at other Spanish regions and their capitals too.


This place doesn’t show the location on the map:

Map location is not accurate.

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Crafty Merlins has moved:

New location is: 6 Buckton’s Yard, Darlington DL3 7QL

Needs picture updated to show new location, see instagram: Crafty Merlin’s MicroPub on Instagram: "Crafty’s is open! 12-10pm! The Beer Festival is in full swing!! Remember we have our Christmas market on from 5pm!"

Associated brewer to add and also it needs address updated on the brewer page:

In case where they move we close current location and start new place.

Guess it doesn’t matter in this case as no one had rated the previous location.

Might just be me (cleared cache as well) but can’t get new photo to load to page.

Yeap, I’ve given up on place ratings and there’s no-one else on ratebeer that’s visited yet!

Strange, new photo appears in the forum OK

Yes, I don’t know why it won’t let me change it on the place page. Tried a few times and different ways I have available to me.

it’s up, cache’s messing with ya.


Merge & delete situation. Only noticed it when I added the taproom.


One is the production facility at the moment and the other is the pub

It’s convoluted. I suggest keep both.

let’s discuss in the Friday boost Zooms @microgrog :beers: :beer: :beers:

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Interested in this convo. Does production facility allow tours and visits!