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I don’t want to get too deep in it, but I do invite everyone to try the following.
Let’s use this page as an example.

I want you to read through 4-5 reviews as you normally do (2 times).

  1. Turn off the score breakdown with your first go.

  2. And then turn them back on with your second go.

Each time you do it, I want you to take notice of:

  • What information you are reading and in what order.

  • Where your eyes are moving as you move down the page.

  • What you were able to get out of it at the end (how much do you remember, has it informed or helped you make a decision).

I’m going to say that everyone is likely to have a different experience.
Here is mine.

  1. I was reading the descriptions only (ignoring all other content, even the 5* ratings). I was able to do this quite quickly and at the end of it I felt pretty positive about the reviews (it’s a place that I would put on my shortlist).

  2. I’m still trying to do the same as my first run but it’s now much more difficult as there is more information within each review. My eyes are beginning to wander a little more which means it breaks up my reading rhythm/pace. It’s. Like. Trying to read. A. Sentence like. This. Instead of reading a sentence like this. In the end I could really only remember the last 2 reviews I read.

Interesting effect, not noting it myself in that manner - but I believe it’s like that for you and might be for some others! And that’s why we need a way to select what we want as default. And it might actually be the design of the breakdown that’s to blame… coming too close to the size of the average blob of text with its excess take of space (removing the borders around the scores might clear it up) - not really looking great if multiple textless ratings are there. Honestly, it’s the textless ratings that create a similar feeling for me. Immediate skips as they contain no info of value to anyone, and if there are several in a row…

You’ve picked a highly scored place with loads of reviews. I believe a large majority of places on the site have but a few ratings, if any, and all info on them is very valuable. Still, regardless of my personal preferences, the site will definitely be much better/more functional than it was when/if the possibility to make the checkbox persist is introduced. :slight_smile:

But that got me thinking… perhaps an option to hide ratings under a certain number of characters would be useful?

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Something we’re considering for a future iteration @viper666


That’s exactly it. We need customizable experience for users. This is achieved by giving the maximum choices to users:

Lots of filter choices. You want want to hide textless ratings by default, you show attribute by default… You want to see all ticks and ratings or just ratings, etc…

Lots of sorting options. A-z, newest to oldest, most recent, highest scores, rated or not, see only one kind of places or all, see only certain styles, etc…

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