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Places that are split

Just trying to figure out what needs doing still in terms of places splits.

Chile, Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina are all done completely
France is done small towns
Norway I believe @bryne did all or just small towns?

I’m not starting on Italy, at small towns with A

I did all small towns i Norway. The larger cities are waiting for RB Services

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OK italy small towns split A-K inclusive

Not sure exactly what you mean but I’m still missing a place rate in Lucca which is in Tuscany. Or is that not included in what you meant.

Oh wait L is after letter K. Maybe I should read my 2 year olds alphabet books more closely

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You just elected yourself to do the long ass letter L :rofl:

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Italy M-Q finished now in places, inclusive

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Fair bit of those in my hometown, have to say, all of them in fact. Split Beer Guide: Your Split guide to beer, beer bars, breweries and brewpubs



All Italy small towns are split, except for Lucca in Tuscany, which I ran out of time to do… @Jow

:rofl: :rofl:

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Haha. I actually don’t know how your doing it. Let me see if I can figure it out.

Oh I see it’s easy. Except I am unable to add edit places again for some reason. Will have to do full log out process and see if it works

Ya you just have to log out, then log in. Just go through each place in the region and edit the region on the pull down menu to Tuscany. System kicks you out about twice a day and you have to log out and in again.

Sweden do not have a place admin anymore, so thus far I believe no places are split.

I’m not a place admin either. Not an admin at all. Anybody can edit places. It’s a long process - you basically go to the country list and start opening every small town name then every place one by one. Once in the place, click edit place, then fix the region using the scroll bar and save.

Apparently we don’t need to do large towns on the left column as there is an easy way for services to do a batch job of these. So just the tedious work of doing the small village/town places one by one.

It’s obviously a lot easier if a local does it. I have no idea what all the abbreviations for Italy were so had to look up every town one by one. Locals would presumably know a lot of them. So round up your Swedish beer friends, admin or no @omhper

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If you do start doing it, just take a few letters and tell people what you’re doing here or in the Swedish split threat

Be aware: if a town has more than one place and you edit one and goes back, only one place is visible in the list. The one you have put in right region. I then had to find the other on the RB map. Even worse with retired places, they do not show on the map. My solution: I used my iPhone to take picture/pictures of all places in the town before starting to edit and move places to regions. I also sent links to places that had wrong map location to an admin I know can fix this easily. (Here in Norway)

Yes, I just open each place in a town in a new tab on browser before I edit it.

Just trying to figure out what’s left. As far as I know small towns are not done in these:


Also someone might have done these british isles countries? I can’t find thread on that
Northern Ireland

is Switzerland done? I can’t remember. @CH-303 ?
And finally New Zealand, I’m not sure. @explosivedog did someone do places there yet?

Just figuring out what’s done here.


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