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This has been reported before serveral times by different people.
But it looks like @joet and @services are not able to do something with it.
This blank screen comes up about every 10-15 times I click on something in RB.
Thats all that comes up and you can not do anyting else thanto close this one.
Maybe thats for the better, Im getting so pissed off by this now that my words might not be kind.

it is embarrasing for RB, and it irritates me that I have to close this 2-3 times every time Im registratiog 10-15 beers.

all ADMINS & all ogher users can you please be on the devteams neck on this to get it removed once for all.


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I second this emotion.

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Well, I’ll third, but I hardly ever see it, so there must be other things with higher priority.

I get it every time I am in the site.

Do you have cookies turned off for the site?

Yes, I do.

If you turn off cookies for the site then some things won’t work as they’re intended, including login which relies on cookies.

Removed all RB cookies, and restrted browser.
Will keep an eye on it. to early to conclude.
Thanks Joe.

YES!!! Lasted 4 days improvment.
Today our beloved SURVEY MONKEY was back.
Empty and not able to do anything about it as usual.
How hard can it be to turn of this MONKEY?