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Please make the app stop deleting our reviews


Okay, I know it’s hard for the Untappd “tick and forget” mindset of people to imagine the effort some of us are making each and every time we go and try to rate a beer using the app you’re making, and I know we’re, probably, like, only the, like, 1% even if we do create 99% of the data here, but could you please make an effort and - since you obviously can’t prevent the app from randomly crashing and taking whatever we’re writing at that moment with it - at least create a caching/autosaving/offline rating system of sort so, that we’re not forced to rewrite everything from scratch every.single.fucking.time.

The possibility to write a more or less complex review is the main and in many cases the only reason why we’re still enduring this abysmal “live beta” user experience on Ratebeer and that’s making it harder.

I’ve never been closer to just saying fuck this shit and quitting the site, I’m tired of trying to convince people to soldier on since things are going to get better, when BASIC THINGS such as RATING BEER are made harder by bugs and design errors that are there for over a year!

Please stop making users angry. Thanks.


Dream on I lost 8 out of 20 tick on friday night.
Glad I have my notes. RB Can not be trusted.

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