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So I’m logged in on my pc (as usual) but am being prompted to re-log in to be able to rate a beer. So I try. My password didn’t work, so I reset it…and the new password doesn’t work. WTF?!
Not that Joe or anyone else cares, but I’m just about done. Too bad, I’ve put in a ton of time and work here, and mostly had a blast doing it, but so many changes that either improve nothing or make it worse, without fixing long standing problems. Outside of selling a minority share to Satan’s minions, where is the tech support that was supposed to be the entire reason for the sale?


I am also fed up with all this and really need a good reason to stick around at the moment. I said I would wait till June, but the way I feel at the moment it may be the end of the week.


For me, not being able to rate beers is a pretty damn good reason to be done.
Unnecessary problem one - why am I logged out when on the beer search page or beer page, when I just came from my own page and was logged in, and problem two - why am I not able to log-in (even though I shouldn’t be being prompted to log in in the first place) with my password or via facebook. Guess my untappd ratings’ll just be getting more detailed.


I am also unable to logon just get a spinning wheel when i try. Arghhhhh.

Weird that I’m always logged on until i search and now until i go onto a beers page. Very frustrating.

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So logged out, closed browser, re opened, went onto RB, entered password, and now even the search doesn’t log on out. Fingers crossed.

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I’m able to rate a beer. I saved as 3.7 but scored at 3.5. Click the link on the home screen saying the beer I have rated and it takes me to a different beer!

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Don’t worry, we’ve been assured that it’s working for thousands of other users.


Getting booted off the site every so often and having to sign in again. Just another week on the new and improved ratebeer I guess.


Spinning wheel - suspect it is browser related (not caused)

Open new window - look up a beer and then proceed to your account - may or may not have to log in at some point

Using phone data? Turn off wifi to “unlock” the spinner thing

I have some sort of problem once or twice a week - but there’s always been a workaround -

I wonder whether the site demands on browsers are getting huge

The site is in a real mess and getting worse. We have been pointing out the log on issues for weeks now, I have been having problems with my sign on for ages. There is no push to fix the problems before the next piece of frustration is released, which will be the new beer pages. In any other business it would be the end but Ratebeer is like a favourite child and I keep hoping for the best.


I got in briefly and now it’s back to having me logged out on the beer pages and not able to sign in (sigh)…
Definitely done paying. The rest is still to be determined.

Working fine for me. Hmm.

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My work here is just begining


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Which reminds me. Damn I miss Brooklyn Monster Ale.

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Still getting logged out everytime I close my browser. Running Safari on an iPhone.

All these problems are fixable & are getting worse. Joe either remains silent or dodges round the issue speaking a new language no one understands.

The majority of forum users are threatening to jump ship, yet instead of receiving reassurances from Joe we’re treated to further sign-in problems, and no comment at all.

To me it seems this is a tactic to make everyone leave without explicitly blaming AB Inbev.


if you didn’t get the change rollout, then you are not affected.

It’s been signing me out every hour since yesterday.

It got multiplied by AB coefficient.


Apologies for the unstable login issues.
We’re working on this - Could you try a few more times and let me know if this is still happening?