Please Post Request/Bugs in separate threads in the Feedback Forum

I got logged out again as well. Worked for a few days, but it’s broken again.

I should be shocked about this level of amateurism, but it’s unreasonable to get angry when a turd stinks.

Thanks for the feedback. This is a result of our random sampling for the new page. We want to solve login completely before rolling the page out to everyone.

@services we’re working on each case now to learn more about those still having problems. Please let us know your browser/OS. We’ll get you fixed up. Cheers

As we make fixes and release them, we’ll sometimes need to log out and back in again to set all our cookies. Is this a persistent problem? Please talk to @services

[quote=“joet, post:194, topic:4336, full:true”]
Thanks for the feedback. This is a result of our random sampling for the new page. We want to solve login completely before rolling the page out to everyone.
[/quote]Feedback: Giving people notice that you were going to randomly fuck with them would reduce angst.

Thanks, we agree, and this is why we provided notice before the rollout.

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Looks like I got a taste of a new forum layout. When I click Ratebeer Forums at the top of the page it takes me back to the homepage instead of the forums page. Plz fix.

Looks like some limbo-stuff is going on on my mobile:

I guess I’m partly “auth0” now and clicking on “My Profile” takes me to an error page as the URL is

Yeah, definitely some live changes happening, Ièm also auth0 on my “main page” profile, same as you on mobile but I’m on desktop.

A new header has rolled out. We also rolled out code changes to single sign on, which allow you to be signed on to each of our three servers at once. We’ll be monitoring how these updates change experience and encourage feedback on them.

Have the new header on the Forums, not on the rest of the site. Regular site menu shows my profile name subtext “premium premium premium” and when I click links I’m getting internal server errors. Tried logging out and on again to no avail.

All good now. I do like the look and feel of the new beer pages. One thing I’d like to see return is when I click on a beer I’ve already rated, it doesn’t show the date I entered the rate. I can’t liked seeing that.

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So, with the new forums look, is this an indication that the 2 sites are closer to being integrated/merged?


Why would you do that? Forcing me to click the buttons to expand reviews before I can ctrl+f for keywords that interest me. And how is a review from 2 years ago more recent than one made last month? Could you please add an option to use the uh… legacy UI without those “improvements”? Or at least tweak options that would allow me to see most recent reviews in “most recent tab” and show full reviews at all times?

I also don’t like how it forced the site to be in Polish language.

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Fixed - thanks!

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I tried logging out and logging in (Safari) a few times and just kept getting a white screen. But I found a way to fix it now which might be useful for other people with Safari issues (i had on both ipad and iphone)

I went into settings and then Safari and did the following…

  • clicked “clear History and Website data”
  • went into passwords and cleared any reference to Ratebeer

Did this on both iphone and ipad, opened a fresh safari browser logged in and saved user/pw on each and now seems to work fine on both.

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Thanks so much for this troubleshooting. I’m glad your fix works for you and I hope other people.

Hopefully this offers clues to those of us working on a smooth login experience.


@joet @services I like the new header but it’s missing a lot of handy links now. Can the following menu be reinstated?


Where is ratebeer even based now that reviews done at 5-5:30 pacific time on 4/3 have 4/4 listed as the date?

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Geomultiple servers?