Please retire these brewers and also I request edit capability

Currently to retire brewers you have to send an email (I suppose I could just send a correction on one of their beers). Anyways, I emailed a month ago and nothing. Could someone retire the following Massachusetts breweries?

Black Rabbit Farm Wild Ales & Provisions
6A Brewing Co
Somerville Brewing Company (Slumbrew)
John Harvard’s Brewhouse Framingham
John Harvard’s Brewhouse Cambridge
Off the Cuff Brewing
High Horse Brewing
Brewmaster Jack
Honest Town Brewery
The 50 Back Brewing Company
Howler Brewery (USA)
Goodfellow’s Brewing Company
Bear & Bramble Brewing Company

Or better yet, I am semi-active on the site again, so I would like just basic edit capability for breweries and beer entries, please and thank you. If you want to just give me the edit ability and let me know, I can then do the retiring of the breweries.




I retired them all. @joet please see request above.

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Hi Eugene. You still an regional admin?

Hi Eugene and Bert!

Thanks, Mansquito!

Yes, @joet would you mind granting me edit capability again?



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Do you know is John Harvard’s Corporate should be retired as well?

I am now. Drank the elixir and got my powers back :slight_smile:


Good to hear you are semi-active on site again. I just moved to Mass in 2021 so if any beer events going on that your attending i’d love to be made aware. My office in Boston is in Seaport area near Trillium location, although Ive only been in to office twice since i started in April, as we’re still remote first. I live 26.2miles from downtown near StartLine brewery so if your out this way and want grab a pint, cool.