Poland 19.08 - 29.08

Hey all, will be visiting shortly with the itenary as follows:
19.08 - 23.08 - Krakow
23.08 - 26.08 - Warsaw
26.08 - 29.08 - Gdansk

Any recommendations for places that aren’t at the top of the lists on RB? I’m also aware of ontap.pl so wil use that to hunt down specific beers too.

In terms of service in the bars, I see that some offer tasting flights. Is this pretty common? (Would be helpful to maximise ticks!)

Hi Stu, I travel to Gdańsk/Gdynia fairly frequently and i would say the place lists on RB are pretty accurate. Seeing as you have 4 days at Gdańsk were you planning on taking a trip north up to Gdynia as well? Its only 30mins on a cheap train ride up and some great bars/brewpubs up there by the coast/beach for that time of year :sunglasses:


Unfortunately I won’t get into my backlog of place ratings anytime soon but for Warsaw … forget #1 venue … just about top 10 for me. This was my favourite venue and very ticker friendly …

16 beers on tap … tasting flights … great food and i rated 12 beers 3.4 lowest up to 4.1. 3 well executed BA beers offered also. Really deserves to be a top 5 venue IMHO and just round the corner from the highly rated same old multis.

This place was decent also for a lower ranked venue …


See my recent thread in beer travel for more pics and tips!

Piw paw bars (one is 24/7 !!!) are good for a first timer in Warsaw but also hard work … you’ll see !

A few more that definitely deserve a jump in the rankings …



And the Artezan tap is definitely under rated for quality on tap … just their own stuff but if you haven’t rated many be sure to visit !



This is helpful thanks, will check out your thread as well.

I hadn’t been planning Gdynia but now I’m intrigued and may have to visit.

Hi there- I’d be interested in your experiences in Krakow, as we’ll be heading there in a couple of weeks.

I’ve uploaded my place ratings now so feel free to check those. Bropub was my favourite as they had some excellent stouts available and the bottles were really cheap (I’d only ever seen them for 3x the price online). Wezze Krafta was also good as they offer flights.


W’ve also got tickets for the One More Beer Festival, which sounds like fun.