Polish beer tasting at chriso's - any takers

The excellent Online Bottleshop thread authored by @LazyPyro threw up a Polish online store that ships to the UK with a spectacular range of Polish beers (over 500).
Shipping is a fairly reasonable 26 euro per 30 bottles.

In that thread I mooted the possibility of an all Polish tasting - @harrisoni seemed enthusiastic - and said I’d start a separate thread, then forgot all about it.


  1. Any takers?
  2. Dates? I don’t have anything concrete in the diary to preclude particular dates at the moment, but the diary tends to fill up quickly as we’re trying to do (at least) one trip away each month.
  3. How many beers should we aim for? Depends on numbers of course but, given the shipping arrangements, multiples of 30 bottles seems sensible. Bear in mind that Polish beers invariably seem to be in 50cl bottles, regardless of strength, so we’d need a reasonable number of attendees to get down to Danish thimble measures for maximum ticking.
  4. How do we decide which beers to order - apart from the obvious need to avoid anything that any attendees have had before.

I’d be quite happy to do all the ordering, with a divvy up of the cost in due course.

I’d be up for this Chris.

Need to consult diary for dates at home.

You plumping for a Saturday and if so how soon … ?

Yes definitely up for this. I can do Easter/April time. Weekends in March are mainly filled up already. A Saturday in April maybe??

Saturdays either side of 10 April are likely to be no-go for me as we’re planning on going to Prague around that time. Otherwise I think Easter to end April are clear for me. I’d imagine Easter weekend itself might be probematic for some peope (not me).

I can do 10th April

10th April is a Tuesday. We’ll likely be in Prague for the whole of that week, maybe also including one of both of the Saturdays at either end - that is 7th and 14th.

Sorry my mistake wasn’t looking at a calendar.

21st April then??

Sounds good but Chris still lives in London.

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Who says WhinyNortherners were invited anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

I highly recommend ebrowarium.

I am never invited to things I just gatecrash.

I love my Polish beers so an order from Ebrowarium is imminent.

It’s not so very far away.

Or is the objection more ideological?

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Sign me up! April all good up to and including 22nd. Then getting married and out of drinking action for a month!


I would have to sell my caravan to afford to get down there.

Truthfully though, I just don’t even have a spare weekend to drink with Rich who lives a few mile away.


I’d be up for it, it’s been a while since I’ve made a London trip. Chances are slim I can make it of course but who knows. I’ll keep an eye on this thread to see what the decision on the date is.

Btw, I can’t believe you didn’t know Ebrowarium. It’s a fantastic webshop, I’ve ordered multiple times and no complaints at all.

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Sounds like a good last day of freedom!

Yeah geography rules me out too, but I’ve done a similar order for a share in civilisation. Weirdly, nearly all the beers I ordered were sour…

Yeah, I’d be interested. April 21 is currently free for me.

21st likely best April date for me also.
Away following weekend and have Brendan the prenvious ones.