Poll: How does Tired Hands come up with beer names

  • Pick words out of a hat
  • Flip through physics text books to random pages and pick the first word, ignoring anything under 3 syllables
  • Cocaine is a hell of a drug
  • More like too much acid, too much Hendrix
  • Love haikus that didn’t get them the girl
  • Random phrases pulled from a self-help book
  • Deeply meaningful, well thought out messages and this poll offends me
  • Heavy metal references
  • Late night evangelical TV after way too many barley wines
  • Just the barley wines. Way too many.

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“Daydreaming of Indiscriminate Human Extinction” is my favorite, right after “The Light That Spills Out of the Hole in Your Head”. I’d really like to try those beers.

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Most of them sound more like Flaming Lips song titles than anything else.

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They should use the choices in this poll as names for future beers they make. Meta as fuck.


I smell history in the making.
Damn that was the perfect.

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Too much Hendrix??? STFU!


the physics method probably more accurately describes how Bottle Logic comes up with beer names. I like it that Tired Hands has a beer called “geodesic”, though.

Heavy Metal references is Other Half, by the way.

I suspect they were influenced by Harlan Ellison, who sadly passed away recently. Maybe he was on a retainer for them.

Fair enough, I’m a huge Hendrix fan myself, and seems like the more acid, the better he got

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My head just exploded

I’m assuming the same method as Brewdog, words out of a hat. Or maybe it’s similar to Family Guy writing and manatees put together some idea balls.

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Seems like Hendrix and acid tied with late night evangelical TV