Poll: Most disappointing U.S. beer nerd destination breweries

We’ve all been to at least one of these breweries. Keep in mind this poll isn’t necessarily a comment on the beer, which might still be good, but the destination itself. Though of course getting to a place with top rated beer and not liking it is surely a factor for many people…

  • Tree House
  • Trillium downtown
  • Trillium suburbs
  • Hill Farmstead
  • Cycle
  • J Wakefield
  • Funky Buddha
  • Other Half
  • Three Floyds
  • Aslin
  • Toppling Goliath
  • Alchemist
  • Saint Adairius
  • Prairie
  • Perennial
  • Russian River
  • Surly
  • Kern River
  • Other

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I’m judging this based on how much I’d like to “hang out” at a particular location.

I’ve only been to 3 of the ones listed.

I ate at the Three Floyds brewpub the day before Dark Lord Day in 2012, and really enjoyed it. Funky Buddha was quiet and a lot of low-key fun when I was there. Aslin gets my vote if only because for the last 2+ years, they haven’t had on-site consumption.

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Ya I figured that would a problem with this poll, as many people haven’t been to many of them. And I don’t know which ones are likely to be on this list in the West.

About a third of the way through my mega tasting board at Russian River I was a little disappointed, but then I got to the IPA and sour section and I was back to being excited. Food and ambience were also great, I would definitely visit again. Only other one I’ve been to was Other Half which was also great.

Alchemist has the same problem as Aslin. I was only at their old location which is pretty much a can pickup, but their new one also does not do taps. Hopefully the new Aslin space will be an improvement.

Trillium Canton can also be a shitshow with lines of 15 minutes for everything.

Other Half is fine because it is next to my house.

I have only been to the old Tree House before they even allowed pouring pints, so I was disappointed, but it was my dog’s first brewery.

J. Wakefield was pretty cool. Way smaller and more lowkey than expected.

Monkish was a bit disappointing… crowded and the beer is just not as good as many of the aforementioned.

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Just been to 3 of the breweries listed here.

Woted Other Half, due to being very crowded, loud and i did find the beer very samish, allthough nice.
Would still visit agian (hopefully at a slower time) should ill ever get back to NYC

Loved Russian River, wibe, food, service and beers. World class.

Sante andarius was very cool aswell. Long line as we arrieved 15 minutes or so before opening. Great beers, service and crowd - unfortunately just had a short visit and was driving. Would love to visit agian.

I have always thought it a weird knock on a place for being busy, like you cant sit in an empty room at the world’s best beer establishments and that is somehow a disappointment.


Ya the ones that annoy me most are the ones that are super exclusive, then they give you attitude when you are there. I don’t mind busy, and even expect it (though a two hour line at the old tree House location only to be treated like unworthy scum was too much for me).

Was just at Cycle, and it was empty on a Monday, but plenty of holier than thou attitude and, honestly, didn’t love the beer, which was super expensive.

(see previous post on that: Syrupy stouts vs creamy stouts )


The only one I’ve been to is Toppling Goliath, the “new” location, whenever that came, and I thought it was awesome, even on KBBS day. I go back and forth between liking cool little dive bar places like One Barrel (Madison, WI) and big open hip places like Toppling Goliath. I can see and like the appeal of both.

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Never been to that one. If I’m ever in the area…

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