Poll of the day. Just one beer can be chosen

So you nip into a bar just before your train your cutting it fine as it is. You really can only manage one. What would it be

  • Your favourite beer in your favourite style
  • A new beer in your favourite style
  • A style you’ve never had before
  • A brewery you’ve never had before but a disliked style
  • A new beer that everyone’s been raving about
  • A new one off that you know you will never see again

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either the new one-off or the new beer.

My favourite beer in my favourite style I want to enjoy thoroughly, and not crush it down in a hurry for my train. Maybe in another situation I’ll go for that.

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New beer in a favourite style. If I’m in a rush I want to be familiar with what to expect so I don’t have to think too hard, but I also want a new rate.

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I want to know where do you take your train…i find no such lots of choices when waiting for mine.

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yeah , and you would think if i had that choice waiting me, id plan the trip a bit better

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What is a train?

I’d always go for a new beer form a brewery I like. Which I think is none of the above

doh. yeah, missed that one and obvious when you say it