Poll - Southeast Regional Forum

I’m going to hold off a bit on this forum creation until more interest is demonstrated.

Is there anyway to group regions under a Country as subdivisions?

This way we could have Regional Forums / Canada / Region, or Regional forums / USA / regions ?

We could choose to see all Country post in the same page, or specific region

@joet, I’m interested.

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I’m interested too! Anyway, we are around 100 active people on the forum so 1-2 % is a great deal no?

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And 7 voted on the new name. 7%!

7% votes just for a single region forum on a worldwide site!

Southeast could do what Richmond, VA did when we had more granular forums. Just take over someone else’s!

@joet, can I ask why we are so reluctant to create new regional forums despite demonstrated demand for them? I am a lay person, but it seems to me that it would take a minuscule commitment in terms of time and resources.

We had 19 votes a few months back when our original forum got cut. There is definitely demand for this. I’m not sure everyone knew that the discussion had switched to the forum feedback thread.

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Joe, you just don’t listen. We had a very active Tennessee forum, we asked to have it back, out admin asked to have it back, and you ignored us all. You effectively killed the Tennessee group and the RateBeer community that had evolved because of that forum. We no longer get together, we no longer have tasting, we no longer trade and it’s all tied to the loss of our forum.

Can’t we just rename Philadelphia forum to Southeast. First Philly is part of the Mid-Atlantic and post can go there. 2nd no one uses it at all.

There are alternate points of view to respect and other factors to weigh. When we recreated the forums in Discourse, we recreated forums that showed traction. Tennessee was not one of them. New forums are not without cost. Each additional forum creates costs related to 1) clutter that affects ease of use related to clutter, 2) splitting regional users into a greater number of sections

I guess I found the old thread @joet and @services. Please get this done. As you can see, we WELL qualified to the standards put forth at the time. Sorry to bother you @services @joet but if you’re going to make it so most of the site is down for me, I’ll kill time doing other things. Deliver on your promises please.

I still propose just turning the Philadelphia forum into South-East. It isn’t used and they can post in mid Atlantic anyways. Should take 2 minutes to rename and appease a whole region of others with nowhere to post.