Pooh Dog chasing publicity again

And it’s worked!


I can’t even tell if this satire any more… Brewdog: the Donald Trump of beers.

This would have been better if they’d have given women (or people who identify as female, as they write) a discount on their entire range instead of rebranding Punk IPA and putting out a press release talking themselves up. What if you don’t like IPAs?

I would be interested if they brought out the original 6% Punk again. Zero interest in publicity campaigns which are just bandwagon jumping.

Great article on this debacle ^

The BBC one is pretty shit and their journalism seems to extend simply to plucking choice quotes from Twitter.

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The only positive about this is blokes who want to get a cheaper beer will have to say “I identify as a woman” before getting the discount.

Some choice quotes from on here regarding their “indie pale ale”.

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They did a rerelease of the higher abv original last year. I think it was part of an anniversary thing. Three of their original beers brewed to the original recipe. I did a blind tasting old versus new, if I remember correctly. I will have to hunt out the rate.

Thanks I had no idea. The more interesting Brewdog beers seem to be going under the radar lately, Semi-skimmed Occultist from last year being one.