Poor pr email

just got the strangest email from a pretty poor PR company in relation to Ratebeer awards saying my brewery had one an award.

didn’t know i had a brewery.

told me it was a secret that i was one if the top reviewers of the year. Doh, that page is visible all year.

looked so much like a stock email with no thoyght given to blanks filled in

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Pretty poor sums up the Ratebeer awards.


Loads of stuff going on there that’s strange… The #3 place worldwide isn’t even top 3 in it’s country according to RB Best.

This makes me wonder why they even bothered doing RB Best this year…

And now best by style. Per @joet : While every year prior, brewer awards were based on performance mostly of the last year and considering their entire historical record, this year we’ve updated our formula to better assess the brewery in today’s times. We’re taking an approach that’s provided more relevant, meaningful results by considering the last four years with an emphasis on performance in the last year.

OK, let’s see what that means for the 3 winners in Dark Lager - Dunkel / Tmavý:

Seinsheimer Dunkles Kellerbier Two reviews in 2019 (if you order by date it looks like none at all, but the stupid ordering by language “feature” is still extant. 16 reviews in all.

Calumet Dark Four ratings in 2016. Nothing since. And literally nothing before that since 2012.

Tired Hands Nothing One - very positive - rating in 2019. One. And it was on nitro. And made with British malt and Chinook hops.