Portland Cidery Cider Riot Announces Closure — Beervana

Thats a shame. Their specialist ciders were decent. Glad i managed to call by their bar in September, but seems theyve had a rough ride lately. Surprised they’ve not had more support for their anti-fascist, anti-racist stance. If he’d kept operations small & didnt rack up debts with expansion & that bar im sure they’d still be around.

Oh wow, some kegs of theirs even made it to Croatia this year…

That story’s getting old. Is there no such thing as “business school” any more, or are they just pushing a narrative that you never need to worry about being in debt?

What do you mean? They couldn’t manage their expansion and bar opening debts. Thats one of the reasons they’ve gone under.

If your “expansion” leads to you going bust, you weren’t doing “expansion”, were you?

Deliveroo made £232m losses this year, despite launched in an extra 250 cities and new markets including Taiwan and Kuwait. Did they constrict in size, or grow?

Time will tell. Ever heard of WeWork?

‘Making a loss on every deal, but sure to make up for that in volume’ seems to be the most common mantra nowadays.

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