Portland visit March 2020

Hmmm… Since the PNW forums last post was my visit there earlier this year this may be as dead as the STL forums now, but may as well post in case there are lurkers here that want to meet up when I’m in town in March 2020. I’ll be getting in March 4th in the morning and will be leaving on March 10th. Would love to share a pint or two with folks on my visit.


Yeah, it’s a whole lot of crickets around this regional forum these days. I’m always up for Seattle meetups. Portland is always a maybe for me. I’ll check the dates and see if I can take the 3 hour trek down there one of those days

I keep planning to make it up to Seattle, one of my friends moved there not too long ago as well and mean to visit him. But enjoy Portland so much that I try to make it there once a year if possible.

Less than a month from my trip, so just thought I’d knock again to bump this up and see if anyone was up for getting a beer or two.

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I’ll see you at Todd’s for sure!