Portugal/Spain advice

I’ve got a holiday planned covering (main stops):

Santander > Porto > Lisbon > Salamanca > Santander

I’m pretty much covered for Porto and Lisbon but I wondered if anyone knew of any particularly good locations/breweries in between these places that are worth a stop in? It’s a family holiday so I can’t go too far off route, but will do for any particularly worthy spots.

Thanks in advance!

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@solidfunk was recently in Portugal and vould be of assistance.

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Nice Restaurant and Brewpub between Porto ans Lisboa. Good for a lunch with the family


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Really enjoyed my visit to here: https://www.ratebeer.com/p/la-canalla-gourmet-a-coruna/86133/ La Coruna is a lovely little town as well.



Whats your planned route between Santander and Porto?


I am sure the good people of La Coruna will appreciate that you call the town “lovely”, but it will probably be an insult to this city’s 245000 inhabitants to call it “a LITTLE town”.


Don’t really have one yet but it will need to be reasonably direct

Coimbra was a cool old town and had a cool beer store/bar/resto with seating in a plaza. Worth a stop to explore for a few hours, stop for lunch at this place:


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Thanks, I’ve been recommended Coimbra elsewhere and this place looks great. Cheers!

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Yeah, Coimbra is worth a stop and its on route from Porto to Lisbon. Definetly the Brewpub of Praxis is a good pit stop. You can also visit Epicura Craft Beer House

Between Santander and Porto, I could recommend city of Braga (near Porto). Its a beautiful place and there is a couple of interesting beer venues (Letraria and Mal Amado) both near the Cathedral.


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