Power users wanted for mobile app UI testing!

Hello! In the process of redesigning our mobile experience from the bottom up, we wanted to have our designer sit down with power users to be sure we’re meeting our needs.

If you’d like to be a part of the rebuild, have at least 500 reviews and would like a look at the future long before the release, just reply here and we’ll make it happen!




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Depending on what exactly this all entails and requires on my end, I would perhaps be interested. I want to be an optimist and see some positive growth and change!

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Step 1 - Tell me how to change my language from Swedish back to English!


If your talking an App that can cope with offline ratings that can easily be uploded later, you can count me in.

The sale, wont drive me away, im here for as long as Erics app can be used (though the problem with beers with no desciption is making it near death) or a new mobile app that can do offline.

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I’m in!

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Yeah i can participate

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I’m in I reckon.

The needs on the top of my head would be:
-offline rating
-text autosave so half-written and almost-written ratings don’t just disappear all the time!
-a switch to enable the full visibility of the breakdowns of every rating for the users who wish so


  • the current system where the entire rating - each aspect of which is actually VERY important for potential visitors of places - is boiled down to a completely new “3.7”-like rating is missing the entire point of place rating on Ratebeer and how and why Places are used on Ratebeer. one might talk corporate crap about how stupidification which is “needed” to “satisfy the modern consumer” or other assorted quasi-sensible nonsense like that, but the fact remains that when referencing place ratings - a “3.7” carries about as much worth as not looking at Ratebeer because it doesn’t mean jack shit. and it had better not be a sign of things to come for Places as a whole as it will kill them, after they were dealt a crushing blow already by allowing ratings without text.
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I’m In.

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I’m interested IF we have some actual input. If you are just looking for QA, I get paid or pay people for that kind of stuff.

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Also I think there should be something maybe offered? Like premium membership or a token of appreciation? Not asking for something substantial but a token, especially since our community is now not driven by a single person, but a mega corporation. Joe, you can take my time and money with a bit of grumbling, but I don’t think I can extend that to a huge profit machine.


I’d be interested.
Along with the other suggestions, I would like to have a decent Places section. Right now, you can look at places near you, but they could be in opposite directions. A map or even an arrow showing what direction it is from your current location. I still use Erics app for place locations.


@VsXsV, u fucken dipë zhit.


Late to the party but I’m in if your still looking for tasters!

Joe, I’d like to help out. I’m with a lot of the group who still have eric’s app (and still use it). I really also love the slick interface of Beerhive…super mobile friendly