Prague 08.17-08.20

As the topic title suggests I’m going to Prague this weekend and am looking for the best beer places. Of course I did my homework and pinned around a dozen places based on the places section here, but I’d really like to hear some personal experiences and suggestions.

What I’m after is places with wide, varied selection (duh) and rare/outstanding Czech breweries/brews. I also would like to know which are the places that tend to rip off tourists/ are overpriced or just should be avoided in general.

I summon @Marko (I hope you don’t mind), cause I’ve seen your place reviews all around and you seem like someone who knows his way around the town.

Any other, non-beer related suggestions are very much apreciated as well (food to try, sights to see etc).
Thanks in advance and cheers,

Before everything else - when are you arriving on Saturday, there’s a small beer fest here I’m going to with friends.