Pre Ratebeer Rates/Ticks

How many people kept a record of the beers they were drinking before they used Ratebeer? How many people added these as ratings or just ticks when they joined the site?

Am I alone in hesitating to do it? I mean I actually did add ticks but then deleted them as my stats seemed to no longer really be representative of what I had rated.

(In fact when I first joined I added all my ticks. When they began to count towards the stats I deleted them. I then had a change of heart added them again but changed my mind and deleted them. Twice.)

I did the same when I joined.
I had a backlog of ratings saved from another beer site and added them all in my 1st few days or weeks here.
I have no current record other than my ratings on RB.

I’d actually joined before I was 18, in 2004 - but had had vague notes / list of what I’ve had before, for at least half a year or more. Added them - could basically remember everything that I’ve had and what it tasted like lol. Ah, the good old times while my pre-Ratebeer brain was on fire.

Never added any ratings from beers I had before I joined.

I am adding beer as tick that I have been drinking bout not “written the rating for yet”.
Thats my backlog for rating.

I joined without realizing/understanding the site. Just used it to find out about a beer before I considered rating anything. I did keep a beer list of beers I’d had, but that was useless. Especially since I didn’t understand ticks on the site. I am an abysmally slow learner with respect to the web.

I had approximately 5000 Busch Lights 4000 bud lights 1000 Victoria bitters from my time in Australia then few hundred Guinness and Sam Adams. That about sums up my life prior.


I am kind of in the same boat as @Marko. My first two months are a testament to the backlog. Fortunately most pale lagers I had in Europe when I was 18.

I had about 230 that I had rated over the course of a year prior to joining RateBeer. I rated them on the app called BrewGene with a simple 1-5 stars. After joining RateBeer, I felt that I still recalled enough of all of them to actually rate them and did so accordingly over like a 3 day period, so all my prior to RateBeer ratings were posted in 2013 to keep them seprate and essentially become full time RateBeerian and active on 1/1/14.

When I joined in January 2002 I added beers from a private rating site where I had rated around 3500 beers since 1993. I only added those beers for which I had a written review, and only those that still existed.


I added the ticks from my pre-rate beer days, then those ticks wouldn’t let me compile my ratings, so had to remove them… ratebeer says no

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