Pre-XMas London visit

I will be in London 21.-24.12.2019. What is hip and cool now? It’s been couple of years since I last time visited. Any specific areas where I should visit? (Will travel on Sat so no Bermondsey Beer Mile this time)


Hackney through to Bethnal Green is a new beer mile(s).


I’m have holiday plans with the family or I would try to meet up. I’ve heard the same as @beardedavenger, but haven’t made it there yet.

There’s also potential for a Saturday crawl around Tottenham, but you said you’ll be travelling then. :unamused:

I’m stuck at the land of legos that weekend. :cry:


At least you may be able to get to the new craft place in Windsor:

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Yeah, Hackney is good. Depending on how much time you have, the following are all good places that you could theoretically walk from start to finish, though it would be a few miles in total, going from north to south (if you wanted a more efficient crawl, just do the ones in bold):

The Axe
BrewDog Dalston
Red Hand
All Good Beer - Hackney Downs
Pembury Tavern
The Experiment
Hackney Church
Brew Club
Cock Tavern
Mother Kelly’s
Old Street Brewery
Boxcar Brewery
Mechanic Brewery
Taproom by Bethnal Green

Could then head west and do:

Kings Arms
BrewDog Shoreditch
Goose Island


I’d add Mechanic Brewery in Bethnal Green - not necessarily the most exciting beers but it was the friendliest place.

It’s also worth factoring in opening times. I went at noon but was aware that half the places woudn’t be open in Hackney at that time.

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Good shout, forgot about them! Only been once, about a year ago.

Thank you!! This will be very helpful for me too, as I´m planning a visit to London over Easter weekend.

And here is a Google Map for the crawl:

They can’t be that busy because upon my second visit the brewster recognised me.