Preferred categories?

Is there a way to make a standard selection of forum categories? e.g. I’m seeing the Rochester forum, which -with all due respect- is not something I’d like to partake in any time soon. Is there a way to only list the preferred categories?


I think its currently on a forum level. Goto Rochester and there a little circle thing. Click that and iy gives option. Choosr mute.

Thats my guess


Ahhh great, that’s it I guess. Thanks!

Were all fumbling about a bit. But im liking it.
Adding pics, and video easily. Actually quoting some one i found the hardest till i realised how simple a one click it was.

Oh an addition to this
That may not crop up often. But even if a forum is muted, if you get linked to a post in muted forum. Depending on personal settings, that individual post may end up tracked or watched (showing up in notifications or latest post lists) if you reply or even read for long enough