Probably a daft question

I enjoy going over to Belgium and filling the car with crates of beer - my favourite being Barbar (the honey beer)
Once or twice (in spite of trying every year) I have been lucky enough to buy from the St. Sixtus abbey at Westvleteren and I like the “Westvleteren 10” I think it is a very good beer - my daft question is this:
Is there anything like this beer brewed in Britain?

Short answer is NO.

A few breweries have tried to produce ‘Abbey Style’ beers, but none that I know of have attempted to imitate Westvleteren 10.

@evilempire might know more?


as Bladdock says there’s been Abbey-style beers, but not heard of a direct clone attempt

What is Westvleteren 10?


Half-n-half Westvleteren 8 and Westvleteren 12?


Trappist copy attempts are rarely pulled off, even in Belgium. Its kind of an unwritten rule to not really go there. The secret is in the house yeast, sugar & water

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Unity Brewing go for Belgian stylee.

No, 10 is a brew in its own right.
12 is the gold top, 8 is the green top but 10 has a blue top.
After drinking the Belgian beers for several years English beers seem a bit “thin” to me, no real body to them.
Happy to be pointed in the direction of something British which I may enjoy.

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The blue one clearly says “8” on the cap.


Pretty sure you meant:
yellow = 12
orange = 10
blue = 8
green = Blond
red = 6 (no longer made)

The 10 appears to be a Tripel style at 8.8%. Not obvious to me whether it’s really available to the general public, though.

Another way of saying Blonde is 6. Red cap is special 6.

yes, I have gone and got myself “all confused” over the numbering system. The 12 is “only” around 10% and I have somehow got into the habit of thinking the 8 is bottled and sold as a 10 - if that makes sense. At least the answers have straightened me out on that! Still no idea of if there is anything similar available over here though.

You can view styles brewed by country. Will need to select England as my link appears to be losing that bit.

There are a couple of breweries that speciise in Belgian style beers, Unity seem to have decent distro.