Promoting ratebeer

Not sure if it is happening elsewhere but Castle Rock pubs in Nottingham are pushing Untapped as a rating site/app.
Just wondered why ratebeer doesn’t contact places to do likewise?

Very simple because RB are not capable of promiting like that.

Because EVERYONE is on Untappd


Except me Mat.


Everyone who actually owns a mobile telephone is on Untappd


Oh, I knew there was a reason!


rb used to be in some bottle shops. still is in a few

but rb was and still is a niche market.

untapped hits a much wider spectrum, (now i think that had positive and negative sides) but from a bars perspective it hits way more of their punters than rb ever could

following on from that i totally get why rb is trying to reposition itself a bit, and im 100 percent behind that.

but that has to be bringing us along (on the whole) and im not convinced that @joet and the team fully get how many of us operate (the lack of offline ratings in the app being the biggest one for me)

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Seems to me untappd made a huge progress when it comes to verified venues. Maybe year or so ago there were just handful of verified venues in London and now there is a bunch of them.

Also they have published some stats - 5.2 million users (not all of them active of course) and 565 million checkins. They seem to be getting 10 million new checkins per month.

I tap on untapped more frequently than I rate here


I still don’t know what a checkin is. Unless it’s what you get in a tikka masala.

Tilt in Birmingham print off RB ratings to help describe the beers they have on tap, which is very cool indeed.


Not that many though. Only 30 within 5 miles of me, which takes in much of central London. Untappd also, annoyingly, regards anywhere in the whole of London as “close to me” but there’s no way of knowing where in London they are as it just gives the name and no address in the notification.

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I remember you commented before there is no use from verified venues since there are not many in London and those which exist are not interesting.

Here are the screenshots and this looks like a major improvement to me. They got Brewdog, Draft House, breweries like Fourpure, Sambrook, Beavertown, Mondo also some shops.

Ratebeer has been in limbo or if I’m using a enthusiasm “transition” for months. The new forums take some getting used to and searching for beers is harder than ever. I prefer the ease of access with untapped. I realize the question was about marketing the site ,but I’m saying there are bigger problems. It’s interesting also to look at how many female beer fans use untapped compared with the small percentage on here, why this is exactly would be interesting to dissect.

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Lots of Tallinn places turn into verified venues in UT nowadays. And by lots I mean 4 out of 6 top places who used to use RB 100/100 style to lure customers in now use UT. Beer lists, what’s available, in UT are very comfy to track down new beers.

Verified Venues are everywhere here in Copenhagen, 27 places within 3 Miles, including the likes of the Mikkeller Bars/Himmeriget etc with updated tap and bottle menus, displaying the untapped verified venue stickers in the front window etc, fair to say they have this part of the country wrapped up.

I use both. Untappd’s 140-character limit and lack of place ratings keep me from switching over properly.

They actually try to phone venues where they see lots of people are tapping beers at and try to convince them them to pay to become verified venues, quite persistently really. Witnessed it firsthand in one place in Zagreb.

Hah, they even messaged Iznogud’s, mine and some other folks’ Croatian craft beer “portal”'s FB page like how they are trying to call us and we aren’t replying, likely since we share our name with a place in Kyiv, Ukraine or something. That was funny.

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Yeah, it’s better than it was but by no means comprehensive. And it’s just annoying to be constantly nagged to follow “nearby” venues when their actual location is not shown and they then turn out to be rather distant. And, even then, I’ve actually ended up unfollowing some places because all the notifications get very noisy.

I still think the Untappd venues offering is rather weak and that could (in theory) be a leverage point for RateBeer if a lot more time and effort was put into it.

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