Proposal: Let's make this the regional forum for DACH countries

What do you guys think about this forum to be changed to include other german speaking countries?

There’s not too much going on here, and it would be nice to have an official option for german speaking Europe without being seen as a part of Germany. D-A-CH isn’t a great umbrella, but it’s a widely known term

The proposed change was also briefly discussed in this thread: What happened to local forums?
Sorry for bringing this up again and again, but I thought that maybe some of you guys haven’t heard of this being proposed.


Sounds good :slight_smile: Or we could do a Central Europe forum, for everything that is inbetween Germany and Ex-Yu :slight_smile:

Called Alt-Habsburg Forum?


Basically, it’d be practical to have a German-speaking DACH group and maybe a French-speaking one for BFCH +CA etc.

Are you saying historical terms are better suited for RB forum names than more modern terms? (ex-yu, …) :stuck_out_tongue:

Or Holy Roman Empire? In German: Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation.

I strongly support this, but not sure if there will be a huge increase in the forums as the menbers from around here who are active in the forums are very low…still a step in the right direction.

DACH or “German speakers”.

Obviously we welcome all German speakers and more, heck, we even speak in English here.

Because we think it makes us look cool.

Actually, @ch-303 has checked that in the other thread:

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I actually think it is good that we write in English even in our local forum, we all understand and can communicate.

For example, I really like how active the Dutch fora are and I would like to know what is going on there but I just can´t understand, I get fragments but thats nothing.

The Dutch forums are so active, bustling and engaging just because the interaction is in the “dialect of the tribe”, which allows for so much more genuine nuances and replies.
I’ve always found it silly how RB gatherings or tastings switch to a broad, mostly TV-americanised version of English just because 1 of 11 tasters involved is an US/UK expat who can’t be bothered to pick up the basic of the local lingua franca.

Reading other national forums: instant google translate is your friend and only 2 right-clicks away. Works for me and the Serbocroatian forums.

Rein egozentrisch:
Ein Alt-Habsburger forum würde, zur richtigen historischen Zeit gefasst, sogar große Teile Belgiens und Baden, und somit alle meine biografischen Standorte mit einschließen!

Außerdem war K&K-Habsburg, aka KaKanien (Musil), eine vielsprachige Utopie, die heutige Nationalismen und den engen Anglizismus ratebeerianischer Auslegung übersteigt.

Man braucht nur mal bei “Events” zu schauen, wie viel Platz hier für “non-US” geboten wird, um sich als Alt-Europäer ein bisschen marginalisiert und betroffen zu fühlen.

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I dont mind writing in english. I think we should make sure the name of the forum is associated with the location, so people travelling through would feel inclined to post there (which I m not sure they would be if the forum is called “German speakers”). Is DACH a name that is recognized outside the german speaking world?

Da bin ich bei dir, verstehe aber diese (andauernde) US-zentrierte Ausrichtung gar nicht. Ich denke die potentiellen Wachstumsmärkte liegen alle außerhalb der US, insofern verstehe ich nicht warum man sich so schwer tut mit einer besseren Internationalisierung. Naja, liegt wohl an fehlenden Konzepten, bzw. weil man (pre-untappd) Verbesserungen nicht nötig hatte.

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Wasn’t it the rule that English was used in forums? Maybe it changed with the new forums… I’m quite happy reading German, say, but I think you’re right that it would be useful for travellers to know they can ask for advice here in English.

I would say DACH is understood if you work in international business, but probably not otherwise.

Das unterschreib ich zu 100%.

I’ve never heard the DACH term before but I like it now I know it. Doesn’t it annoy Lichtensteiners though?

We can do DACHL, which in german is a minimization of Dach. :wink:

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Ein KuK Forum würde nicht nur die spanischen Niederlande, sondern auch die (heutigen) Staaten Tschechien, Slowakei, Ungarn, Teile von Polen, Rumänien, Kroatien, Slowenien u.s.w. betreffen. Das geht eindeutig zu weit…:grinning:

In Zeiten von Google Translate aber lieber mehrsprachiger Vielvölkerstaat als “e pluribus unum”…