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Proposed new regional forums


Hi there and happy Friday.

We have a couple proposed new forums – a Western Canada forum and a France forum. (If you have a forum proposal, please message me using Discourse/forums.) Because each might impact other forums I’d like for others to vote on these proposals. The polls will open now and close Monday at start of day next week.

Western Canada

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Honestly, joet, I’m not sure I see the wisdom in segmenting conversation into ever-more granular regional forums when there’s so little forum activity to begin with.


I think I disagree I would probably post more about Florida happenings if somewhere people would care where as larger audience would not.


Plus, if they are implemented and not active, it doesn’t hurt anyone. Could even take them down if it truly is barren.

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After reflecting on this a bit more, I have two major gripes with the current regional forum setup

  • Our regional forums aren’t MECE (mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive). Jow’s example speaks to this.
  • Having really granular regional forums makes little sense given the lack of activity on the site.

I’m not this is true. Typically greater segmentation means lower volume.


These are both user-submitted proposals, not mine.


Meaning more topics = fewer participants? Possibly driving people further away? Interesting if so.



As best I can tell the red are the areas we have regional forum coverage in new format. I just think it may make sense to have like 6 forums chopping up the US. For example currently we have MidAtlantic, NYC, Philadelphia and DC forums and those all could qualify as MidAtlantic. So not saying we need more just different.

Redlight Redlight here in Orlando is having a Lambic event. If I had a regional forum i may say, anyone going to this? or know what will be pouring? But alas…


i also liked the regional forums when travelling. knowing that the right people would see it. even a couple of weeks later. it wouldn’t dissappear amongs other threads.

i dont want to vote on forums ive no idea if there’s lical demand for. but im a positive vote if there’s even just a handful of local who will use to post things like @Jow said


As long as Rochester lives on … I’m happy !


Both forums were added. We will prune forums with a year of very low use. One reason for this is that more topic names in the forum choices decreases legibility and the ability to quickly scan for one’s local forum.


Having, for example, a France forum where the locals can chit-chat in French is a friendly idea. Those who don’t want to see posts in foreignish can simply unsubscribe to the relevant forum.

Of course, for travel topics, foreign beasts may stumble into the forum, ask stupid questions in English, and get responses from locals, but that matches what happens in the real world as soon as those same beasts step off the aircraft.


If humans only worked like this…

The average user doesn’t know about things like subscribing or unsubscribing when they enter a world filled with strange topics, strange languages and glyphs. Keeping it as simple as possible is always best.


When we first migrated to this new forum software, there were lots of “why am I seeing yadda-yadda?!?!?” posts. Early adopters quickly responded with a link to a forum post explaining how to unsubscribe.

No idea where that post was now.

Isn’t that exactly the kind of content that should be in the pinned post that everyone sees first? (Presently the “Welcome to the RateBeer Forums2” thread.)


Goodbye NYC forum!


Just tag me in if you want a Chat in the NYC Forum :0

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We would also need Eastern Canada (for folks from the 4 provinces east of Quebec) and Ontario which is by itself as big as Quebec in the beer scene with the Grand Toronto Area. (Which would leave the Western Canada forum for the 4 provinces and 3 Territories west of Ontario)


@joet : That was a very good idea. Here in France, too many people don’t know that there is other stuff than Kronenbourg, Heineken, Desperados, Leffe… Whenever possible, it’s primordial to try to promote the culture of (great) beer (I don’t especially think of french drinkers… but of french brewers too, who are - for most of them - still far away from making good beer). So if we can help… I hope that’s one small step for France, one giant leap for Beer… :sweat_smile:


Could Regional Forums have subdivisions themselves like the Ratebeer Feedback forums.

In the Feedback forum, you can choose to see the 4 subforums in a single view or each subforum (Web feedback, web bug, app feedback, app bug) separately.

This way we could have for example a Canada regional forum, with 4 subforums (East, Quebec, Ontario, West) and choose to either see all Canada posts or only subforums posts?

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