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Pula, hitting the place W24-25 ish

Hi, there are a few places to go on RB - other Beer related or other Beer non related sites/things/ etc to do…?

Anywhere close ti get some more of this or other from same brewery: Zmajska Pivovara Porter?

Cheers // Thomas


been there in April 2016. Not really much going on there at this time of year. Beer Club Pula was my go to place in the venings but they had a more limited menu at this time of year. And it seems they changed location since then, so no more input for this.

The shop in Medulin was not open when i was there, they told me they open only in the summer months when the tourists come.

Non beer related:

Rovinj is quite nice for a day trip.

And i really enjoyed Kamenjak national park. I rented a MTB and drove there from Pula. The water is incredible.

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Baobab, located where Beer Club used to be seems to be the top place, along with the new Beer Club, of course and Cabahia I guess. Might as well follow the places section fully (Cvajner’s only there from the time it had pretty much no competition), no clue what Enoteca Istriana’s like.

If you’re lucky you might run into something from Gortan Garage Brewery - basically homebrewers who became client brewers too (at Vizir I think). Heard positive stuff about them. No idea where - might be worth messaging them on Instagram, as that seems to be their only real online presence.

Mason Burgers & Stuff is a great place for, well, burgers, one of the best in Croatia, considered by some to be the best one - had a brilliant one from them recently. Arboretum Pub in Fažana which is close by is also a recommendation for that.

The beer store in Medulin can be very good, but not sure when it opens for season.

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Also, Zmajska’s beers should be pretty readily available at good beer places, even some grocery stores carry them.

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1/2 time report… Baobab was great. The Stella Beer to go was excellent, loads of local and fresh beers!

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