Pumpkin Spice Beers

Should pumpkin spice beers be in the Flavored- Pumpkin/Vegetables category or the Flavored - Other category? I am talking about beers with pumpkin spice flavoring but brewed with no actual pumpkin.

I vote for Flavored - Other.

I’d say Pumpkin. Most of the Pumpkin beers I know are also spiced. They would all end up in Other… They are mainly advertised as Pumpkin beers so they should go there IMO.

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The question was about beers that are pumpkin spice flavour without any pumpkin…

Flavored - Other would be the place I think.

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Lol you’re right. Misread this one :slight_smile: Flavored - Other then!

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I vote for Flavored - Other.

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Just out of curiosity, how many pumpkin beers are there without spices and what makes a pumpkin beer taste like a pumpkin beer?

Avery Rumpkin uses Pumpkin puree so I reckon that is why it’s in the style that it is.


Well, the issue is that in the last style change from up on high, it seems that all pumpkin beers were just lumped into flavored other just as we had also received the Flavored - Pumpkin/Vegetables style… admins, it seems, have been slowly correcting the styles.

We are still waiting for the mass script style changes @joet and the Style descriptions updates @TiffanyWaldron / @beergirltif talked about.

If a brewery uses Pumpkin in the actual brewing of the beer, I reckon that it should not be flavoured other and…why do the volunteer admins have to do all the work??

Where do pumpkin spiced beers belong?

  • In Flavoured/Vegetable
  • In Flavoured/Spiced
  • In the bin

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Pumpkin is just squash. There’s a reason it goes into soups and pies. It is a cheap filler, it has a yucky flavor compared to many things, so it needs flavor additives in large quantities. Pumpkin beer likely rose to popularity on spice additives, and then somebody decided plain old unspiced beer could be sold given the pie spice beers labeled pumpkin. If plain old squash made tasty beer, where are the other squash beers? I’d say those other squashes are expensive and take a deal of handling before use. So pumpkin is just a cheap filler. IMHO. Most all the pumpkin is left behind when the wort leaves. Then it’s off to feed the pigs and goats.


Some of them are here.


Gotta give a lot of credit to anyone who’d roast enough squash to make an impact on a large batch of beer.

Wasn’t there a spaghetti beer out there? Spaghetti Squash beer would be something that I would try.

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There was a pizza beer.

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Yeah, that’s what it was. I liked it more than most.

Don’t forget the vaginal yeast beer! :rofl:

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You must have different pumpkins from the ones around here. Ours make excellent sides when pickled/marinated, and don’t need any spicing to make a tasty cake or pie (though spicing can of course be popular). (@Marduk said that he was eating pumpkin for a whole week last week, in about 10 different fantastic sounding presentations, but I forget them all.)