Qatar/Sri Lanka

Beer trip of the century! Just a layover in Doha, cleaning up all the ticks should be easy…

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How long are you in Sri Lanka? Limited beer options - Lion Stout is as good as it gets however it’s a fantastic place to visit.

Ya, Lion stout was the highlight of my beer drinking. Too bad you can barely find it anywhere. Mostly drank mango lassis…

Three Coins is the only Sri Lankan beer worth seeking.

Shit man! I looked for that one everywhere but couldn’t find it. @nimbleprop

I had Three Coins at the bar in the colonial-era Queens Hotel in Kandy, which is well worth going to regardless of the beer menu.

The stouts are the best beers in SL - as well as Lion Stout I enjoyed Sando Stout.

Beers are mostly sold out of ‘wine shops’ - small hole-in-the-wall type operations that aren’t always that easy to find, but when you do they’ll often have some rarer stuff.

I also just found this that featured on my now-defunct beer blog:

Kandy – The Queens Hotel bar serves Three Coins Lager and Anchor Smooth. This colonial-era hotel is also quite a pleasant way to pass a couple of hours and is of interest historically, there are some old photographs and artefacts on display near the bar.

Ella – There is a licensed bar on the main road towards the north of the village. When I went it was populated entirely by locals despite the large tourist presence. They sold me a Lion Stout to take away and had a variety of other beers available (again I didn’t make a note, sorry!)

Negombo – There are at least three wine shops on the main roads that run alongside the beach (Porutota Road and Lewis Place). They sell different stuff at each one; one place sold Lion stuff exclusively whilst another had everything but (yet again, I didn’t make a note) and this was where I picked up my Sando Stout.


Thanks @alovelydrop . I’m back home now but better luck next time.

I’m planning a trip to Sri Lanka in february. I think the @alovelydrop suggestions sounds solid in this beer desert.
Does anyone elso have any tips on where to get a solid beer?

As mentioned I didn’t have much luck. Even Lion Stout isn’t common in most places. You have to hunt around at different liquor stores