Question about Foxes Rock Stout

A while ago I bought this beer in the hope of an NI tick, only to find it aliased to an English beer. Now it’s in the database twice (aliased and unaliased). What’s going on?

The latter is presumably just a duplicate. However they’re both showing as brewed in Northern Ireland by Station Works.

No, one is showing as being brewed in NI, whilst the other redirects you to a beer that’s brewed in Cumbria.

Weird. I’m sure that didn’t happen when I searched for the beers, unless I clicked on the same one twice.

Never heard of them but all signs point towards Station Works being a NI brewer.

I would imagine that aliased one is a mistake, perhaps an admin assigned it to the wrong beer and it’s supposed to go to your second link.

I’ve done a bit of research, but can’t find the direct line as to why these were aliased. I have posted a question in admin forum to see if we can get to the bottom of this. Cheers, Shawn

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I know nothing about this particular case but there have been a several “brewers” in Ireland - both sides of the border - that were essentially nothing more than marketing companies, portraying themselves as breweries but in reality just slapping a label on a beer that was made elsewhere and presenting it as Irish. Often to cater to the paddywhackery export market.

I have no idea whether this bunch falls into that category though.